Programmatic Marketing In New York City Pt1 – What Is It?

Programmatic Marketing Explained P1 Programmatic marketing is widely touted to be digital advertising's future. But how is it defined and what opportunities does it offer? Programmatic marketing is viewed as the future of online advertising, with Google targeting 60% of total digital advertising budgets being spent next year on Programmatic. Forrester reports that over the next [...]

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Programmatic Marketing In New York City Pt2 – What Is It?

Programmatic Marketing Explained P2 However, the opportunities prove much greater to you than just enjoying more ease and flexibility in ad buying. Since programmatic marketing involves bids arranged for each person accessing a site, individuals can get targeted more extensively than was previously possible. With the use of customer data, programmatic technology is able to identify [...]

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Keeping Up-To-Date With The Best NYC SEO Company

How to Update Your Website While Avoiding A New York SEO Disaster If your competitor has a great website, but yours doesn't look so good and the content on your site is out of date, then it's important that you plan carefully. The site that you have right now has built up a lot of [...]

Creating An Optimal Landing Page For Your New York Website

Essential Elements Of A Perfect Landing Page Design Being a search engine optimization specialist, I fully appreciate the importance of a landing page. For starters, it plays a critical role in generating the best search metrics in a timely fashion. This is very important, more so when you consider the fact that Google seized providing [...]

New York Internet Marketing Services Can Help Women Entrepreneurs Establish And Grow Their Businesses

How Women Should Use Internet Marketing To Grow Their Businesses It's not good to open a business but then not tell anyone you're open. If you ignore what New York Internet marketing services can do for you, your business could suffer major repercussions. Given contemporary technology, practically any target group has seen a rise in [...]

15 Factors That Could Be Keeping Your Site From Ranking Well On Google Part I

Find Out What Is Keeping Your Website From Ranking High On Google 15 Determining Factors For Why You Are Not Ranking 1. Poor Keyword Choices Anytime I hear about someone whose website isn't ranking as well in Google as they would like, I begin by taking a closer look at the keywords that they have [...]

When It Concerns Semantics & New York SEO: What To Know

How Semantics And An NYC Internet Marketing Company Can Improve Your Web Rank Search engine algorithms are fine-tuned to gravitate to entities. Entities, in this case, means places, concepts, people, things, and even ideas. Each one of these often appears inside of the Knowledge Graph. A wide range of search terms might constitute an entity, [...]

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