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The 4 Biggest NYC Marketing Automation Misconceptions

Marketing automation and NYC internet marketing have been growing trends for businesses and in 2017 will continue to thrive. Like so many other marketing concepts, there are a number of misconceptions about how effective automation is and how it is used. So whether marketing automation is something you are just getting started with, or it is something you have used for quite some time, keep an eye out for the following misconceptions that might be changing your expectations or perceptions when it comes to marketing automation and how it is used.

1. Marketing Automation Is For Marketers Only

This common misconception is one that you should get out of your mind immediately. The best results are achieved by marketing automation when it is used as a combined marketing and sales tool. The marketing aspects such as lead nurture, contact management, and lead capture are just half of what the possibilities are. The magic occurs when the tool is used by your sales team to do things like create sales campaigns that are based off of the reports, send personalized messages that are based on behavior, and analyzing prospects using the tool.

NYC SEO Authority | Marketing Automation in New York2. It Is Really Complicated

When you check out an automation platform process for the first time, it can seem overwhelming. However, if you have the right help, training, and guidance, it can be just as easy as learning a new software program. Everything can be customized to cater to your precise business needs. From contact leads to workflow options and email automation, everything can be customized to some degree. After you have learned how to navigate your system, the rest is really easy! It isn’t necessary for marketing automation to be complicated, particularly if you have an experienced marketing company to help you each step in the process.

3. Isn’t This The Same Thing As Email Marketing?

No email marketing and marketing automation are not the same things. People frequently think this since they have experienced just one aspect of the automation platform. However, the tool has many moving parts to it that make it a complete powerhouse! Email is a critical ingredient that is part of marketing automation, however, when other aspects such as lead behavior tracking are used, it allows you to send personalized and specific emails to a defined group or specific contact. Email is ultimately only the beginning of all that marketing automation can offer your company.

4. Marketing Automation Is Spammy Looking

The opposite is actually. In fact, marketing automation is very personal. When lead behavior tracking is used you will be able to see precisely how a contact interacts with your website. These interactions include the following:

  • If a video or link was clicked
  • If a contact form or another type of form was filled out
  • The time and date that a page was viewed
  • Which pages were viewed

This information can all be used for developing a workflow system and personal email campaign. Prospective customers won’t believe they are receiving spam. Instead, they will be able to tell how much personalization and time was put into your messages. That resonates with people and starts to build trust from the very beginning of what is hopefully a very strong customer relationship.

Get Started With Marketing Automation Now!

So are you ready to start using this extremely powerful tool to help you grow your business? Is so, then give NYC SEO Authority a call or contact us today. We are here to help you at each step of the entire process. We will be there from the start helping you get your platform set up to create the workflow processes and email templates, to ensure that your business thrives.

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