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Attorney SEO And Law Firm Internet Marketing Ideas

If you’re working as a lawyer, you are focused on dealing with your clients and handling their legal issues. You may be thinking how internet marketing and search engine optimization is related to it but there is a huge connection.

Are you aware that there are more than 47,000 law firms in the country? Also, people have access to almost everyone in the world due to the internet and social media which means you need to do something to compete with the others.

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There was a time when lawyers such as you were able to get clients off the street but in this age, you need to be strategic about marketing your law firm in order to get clients. If you are wondering why you need to think about Internet lawyer marketing and attorney SEO, here is your answer.

Almost 21.9% prospective clients use search engines when they are searching for a lawyer. This number is the result of the Google survey performed by Moses and Rooth. In simple terms, you are getting left behind in case your law firm does not maintain a strong online presence.

While it’s true that the number 21.9% may seem low as the highest percentage when it comes to adding new clients comes from referrals from trusted persons or word of mouth advertising but you also need to consider the fact that online search is the second biggest way to get clients. Also, it’s likely that this number will go up in the near future as people are much more used to using the internet for anything and everything.

Referrals cannot be disregarded completely but it does not mean that business is good at all times. You will always have some months when you won’t be able to find any new clients for your firm. On the other hand, having an SEO strategy in place will allow you to almost make sure that your company is never short of new clients. So, read on to find out more about the many benefits of using search engine optimization for the website of your law firm.

1. Get Prospective Clients from Internet Searches

Search engine optimization can help you by converting users on search engines into paying clients. It’s possible by targeting the local keywords that allow you to capture potential clients who are searching online in your area. Since Internet marketing for a law firm is highly competitive, it’s better to be highly specific with the keywords you want to target. Once you rank high in the search engine result pages for your particular area, you can start targeting more competitive regions at a later date.

2. It is a Cheaper Marketing Option

It won’t be wrong to say that advertising can quickly get costly especially for law firms with a limited advertising budget. When it comes to marketing efficiency, search engine optimization turns out to be a much cheaper alternative as compared to the radio, TV and print advertising. A well-optimized website will help you in getting noticed in the online world.

The main concern of your firm is to make more money and limit the expenses. A well-planned SEO strategy can be implemented at minimal expense but can give huge returns on your investment. For instance, if your website gets you even a few more clients, it can be highly beneficial for your law firm.

3. An Easy Way to Communicate the Value

Good content is the foundation of a search engine optimized website irrespective of the number of keywords on the web page. If potential clients are not going to like the content on your website, you will have a hard time getting them. While there is no guarantee to get new clients even when you are on the top of the search results but you will get new clients if you offer valuable and useful information to potential clients. Delivering a lot of value to your clients by constantly sharing high-quality content on your website will get you a lot of new clients.

4. Enhanced Recognition

Do not forget that online users can also bookmark your website and share it with family and friends even if they do not immediately become your clients. In other words, they can tag your website for future reference. These users can also share the website with their friends and family members by bookmarking it. This provides you another source to get new clients and you may as well treat it as a form of referral.

5. Gaining Credibility

NYC SEO Authority | Internet Marketing NYCPeople inherently trust the search results delivered by big search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. So, when your website lands up on the first page of search results, it will automatically be trusted more by people as a reliable website. A well-executed search engine optimization strategy can help in boosting the credibility of your law firm. If you’re not present on the top spot, you may as well not exist in the eyes of the online users. Therefore, you should always go for top rankings.

There is extreme competition among law firms and your firm will lag behind without a specific marketing strategy. Needless to say, Internet marketing for lawyers and SEO for attorneys is not easy to grasp especially for people unfamiliar with these terms. However, your law firm can take advantage of the opportunity provided by search engines by hiring the services of a reliable digital advertising agency delivering search engine optimization in New York.

Patience is the key to success in SEO as results take some time to deliver. However, it won’t take long to reap the rewards with a well thought out SEO marketing strategy. The most important thing is to act quickly and start working on SEO before your competition does.

It’s Not For Every Law Firm

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