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We’re an expert SEO specialist team of creative designers and thinkers, strategists, and storytellers. Going the additional mile is what we consider a way of life. We promise to not take in your job unless we fully comprehend expectancies and your internet marketing goals. We will ensure that the cost of obtaining a client from online marketing warrants the spend, and if it by chance it doesn’t, we’ll inform you.

Our team of accomplished internet marketing experts at SEO Authority excel in a positive environment that encourages our clients’ company success by enhancing their on-line exposure through search engine marketing techniques, linking building, powerful PPC (pay-per-click management) and social media marketing. We have over 18 years of search engine experience etc., including Google, Yahoo, Bing, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

SEO Authority encompasses organic search engine optimization including site analysis, code optimization, local search optimization (maps), mobile optimization, competitive analysis, reputation management, content optimization, video optimization, conversion rate optimization, and analytics monitoring. Our PPC and media optimization groups work on the forefront of Googles algorithm’s, assuring that SEO Authority sends the most concentrated web traffic to our customers and are persistently driving viewer interest and dynamics to their website’s.

We want to help you gain the visibility and the profits that you want to attain, and we start this process by becoming acquainted with what you do, and who you are. The questions we always as our potential clients are:

  • What brought you into this business?
  • What part of your business are you most proud of?

Your replies will assist us to create a strong advertising message, a base which we can construct and expand upon for success and the best internet presence.

Your company is unique, so your marketing plan ought to be as well. Above all, we understand that a cookie-cutter method of advertising online just isn’t effective anymore, and therefore we don’t offer standardized “one size fits all” marketing packages. What works in one industry, with one demographic, simply won’t work in another. We have the combined expertise in the SEO arena for more than a decade, learning from our effective (and our not so successful) campaigns, and sharing that information with our customers. Our expertise has yielded a proven process for growing online exposure and revenue – for businesses throughout the USA, Canada, and International business with a broad spectrum of industries.

We offer results, quantifiable in elevated prospects and sales. Before taking on any job, we’ll run an honest and open evaluation of your website, your needs, along with your goals. Together, we are going to learn if it’s economically viable for your own organization to make use of our services, or if other ways should be used by you. Whether you’re fascinated in website design, and development, or SEO and pay-per-click marketing, we constantly tell it like it’s, and are 110% transparent with all our clients.

Want to know more? Reach out to us at (347) 352-4046 and schedule a totally free site assessment and discover how we might enable you to increase traffic and subscribers with a net income-generating site.

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Rest assured we not only build brand recognition for you and your company with our content syndication methods, but we drive qualified leads to your website with fresh, qualified, and 100% unique content!

We Focus On Local SEO!

67% of all searches that are done online today are now done from a mobile device!

Your Location Matters!

If you can’t be found in the city you are in you are losing the majority of the traffic coming in from Google, which means your competitors are taking all your potential clients and new business!  I bet they are happy that you aren’t doing anything!

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While we are doing all the leg work you can focus on bringing in sales, watching customer service, and bring repeat business back through the doors! You owe it to yourself!

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Meet Your New York SEO Experts.

Derek Iwasiuk
Derek IwasiukExecutive SEO Architect
Derek Iwasiuk, the human SEO machine, and all around family man, spends most of his days……..and nights, eating, sleeping, and breathing search engine optimization. When he isn’t in front of one of his 15 computer screens he loves hanging out with his kids, fixing up his wife’s salon, or you’ll find him somewhere on a mountain doing something extreme on a snowmobile! Want to know more? Fill out our discovery form and get a personal 1 on 1 with the legend himself!
SEO Expert 100%
Link Building 100%
Garrett Laidler
Garrett LaidlerExecutive SEO Architect
Garrett Laidler, The SEO Junkie. Spends most of his time researching new exciting ways to get Google to love him. When he isn’t spending time with Google, he is sleeping and thinking about spending time with Google, eating pizza, or drinking a good glass of wine. Becoming best friends with these guys is going to be the best decision you have ever made! Want to know more? Fill out our discovery form and get a personal 1-on-1 consultation with Garrett today!
On Page Optimization 100%
Lead Generation Strategy 100%
Alexander Felsch
Alexander FelschExecutive Director of First Impressions
Alexander Felsch has been dubbed by our clients as “Mr. You Had Me At Hello”! His expertise entails link building strategy, building massive online networks, web development, and online marketing strategy. When he isn’t slaving over SEO, he is thinking about slaving over SEO. In his free time, he enjoys massive multi online gaming, going fishing, building relationships with other like-minded entrepreneurs, and thinking up new ingenious ways of helping our client’s become more successful. Want to know more about how we can help you with your online exposure and how to dominate Google, claim your free consultation with Alexander today!
Link Building Strategist 100%
Content Marketing Expert 100%
Sam Hanley
Sam HanleyExecutive Link Building Strategist
Sam Reddy is our expert link building strategist. Catering to link outreach and building powerful SEO networks is his expertise. When he isn’t dreaming about SEO, and the next great thing he loves pizza, traveling, hanging out with the boys, and extreme sports. Sam brings a level of expertise to the SEO arena that is unparalleled to 99% of all SEO experts on the planet. Contact SEO Authority today for your free link building strategy consultation! Fill out our discovery form and get a personal 1-on-1 consultation with Sam today!
Link Building Strategy 100%
Network Structure Linking 100%
Stefan Jovanovic
Stefan JovanovicExpert Link Building Strategist
Stefan Jovanovic has been SEO and internet marketing arena for several years now, and has had success with ranking both local and global website on all search engine platforms. Stefan has team spirit, is organized, responsible, motivated, creative, and communicative. In his free time he loves to travel, play basketball, drive motorcycles, and work on improving his skills in the SEO online game. He is in a band and loves to play the guitar. To set up a free consultation with Stefan, and learn exactly how to rank your website on all the major search engines contact SEO Authority today!
Link Building Strategist 100%
Web Development 100%
Stefan Arsenijevic
Stefan ArsenijevicDigital Overlord
Stefan Arsenijevichas been in the SEO and internet marketing game for more than two years. Having success in ranking for local and global, his core fundamentals of SEO are unparalleled. His constant thirst of knowledge of online marketing, and keeping up with Google’s algorithms are what makes him an irreplaceable member of the team. Beyond, setting up a plethora of different properties and utilizing them for constant juice, Stefan is a content writing genius. In his free time he likes to play guitar, go to jogging, exercise and likes to socialize and network with other like-minded people.
Content Writing 100%
Link Strategy 100%
Kathryn Villalon
Kathryn VillalonDigital Prophet
Kathryn Villalon is a jack of all trades when it comes to SEO! Besides running intricate social media campaigns, Kat strives to take your company to a whole other level with Audio and Video! Kat is a very determined person when it comes to making you look your very best, so you can proceed to make bank!! When she is not slaughtering your competition with her fists of fire on Google, she loves playing music and traveling! Kat is a part of an all girl band called “Paprika And The Gang” and plays a mean piccolo! She considers herself to be an expert foodie and loves hanging out with her pals!! Want to know more about how we can help you with your online exposure, contact Kat to claim your free website audit!
Video SEO and Production 100%
Social Media Expert 100%
Kara Sanchez
Kara SanchezLink Outreach Manager
Kara Martinez is by the best link outreach specialist that we have ever seen. If your business needs that extra boost by being placed on a large website, Kara is your woman. Kara thrives with creating personal relationships with large websites to help our clients get massive exposure on their campaigns right from ground zero. Beyond her SEO expertise, she loves hanging out with her friends, keeping up to date with Google’s newest algorithms, good food, and going to the beach.
Link Outreach Management 100%
Client Relations 100%

We Have Helped Clients That Just Wanted To Target One Zipcode.

New York SEO Authority

To Clients That Wanted Worldwide Exposure!

We Drive Ourselves To Not Only Be The Best, But Make You The Best!  We Breath, Eat, and Sleep SEO!

How could you ever trust and SEO company that can’t show you first page rankings themselves?  How could you trust someone who doesn’t do SEO full time? We not only keep up on Google’s algorithms, but we study them religiously!

An SEO Company That Focuses On What Converts!

It’s one thing to get you the first page of Google, but it’s another thing to get you to the first page of Google for a keyword that is going to bring in revenue!

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Do Your Research Before Hiring a New York SEO Company!

Does the company you are interviewing have first page rankings?  Do they do SEO full time, and follow all Google’s algorithms religiously?  Are they asking about your goals, and what level you want to take your campaign to?  These are all questions that must be asked!

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We Are Determined To Get You To the First Page of Google!

Our client’s are more than just business associates to us, they are friends.  Our clients will all say that we go above and beyond to ensure that their campaigns are running exactly how they want them to run and that their rankings are exactly where they should be!

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