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Our SEO Service Is Not For Every Business

e truly would love to help every business achieve the level of success that we have had in helping all our clients achieve in their SEO campaigns, but we are very selective with who we take on as our clients.  This is to ensure our client’s goals are met, and that we give each client the 1 on 1 time they deserve.  We have a very realistic set of criteria that have to be met for us to proceed with a potential client.  Again, we only work with a select number of businesses to ensure all our clients get the exact amount of time and attention that is necessary to have the MASSIVE SUCCESS that we know that we will provide.

We will work with a business that has:

#1. A lively and robust business model

Our foundation and expertise is helping our clients that have already hit the ground running, and want to further their businesses and go the limits.  We do not work with any of the following business models:

  • Start-Ups That Have No Foundation
  • Multi Level Marketing Companies
  • Adult Entertainment Businesses
  • The “Get Rich Quick Schemes”

#2. A fundamental foundation that has a brick and mortar business structure, that has a small customer base that is already calling them.  This means that you have a somewhat steady flow of new clientele or online traffic, and are making sales and money already.  You have dabbled in some kind of marketing ie: running some type of ads, promotions, and you are actually selling your service or product.  We don’t expect you to be a large brand or household name, we just want you to have some kind of presence in your current market.

#3. We require that your company has a trustworthy and honest reputation in the market with a solid product and service.  Everything that we build together will not only bring you more sales and customers, but we will be doing this all in a fashion that will create a very high brand awareness that will bring you referrals and keeps your client base growing for you years to come.

See that wasn’t too painful, was it?!  Those are all our requirements.

If you feel as though you meet all of our criteria that is listed above, and you would like to speak with one of our expert SEO consultants about getting some REAL results for your business, then we would love to set up a time to chat with you.  To expedite the process from here, we will need you to fill out our discovery form application that is below.

Our form is very non-invasive, doesn’t require you to answer anything personal, and is very easy to complete.  We just want to get a feel for what your goals are, what you are selling, etc.  We will review what your goals are very meticulously, and put together a custom plan of attack for your campaign.  After you have completed the discovery form application, make sure to set up your follow up consultation. Once the discovery form is complete you will be redirected to our calendar to fill out a good time to chat. Please keep in mind that after receiving your analysis, your consultation will be 30 to 60 minutes long, so please set aside at least that amount of time to speak with us!

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