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If you are a business owner or manager, you are probably aware of the importance of social media as part of the branding process. By making use of professional New York SEO marketing services, you can build your brand awareness, thus helping potential customers recognize your name among all others in your industry or niche. You may already have a Facebook profile or page, as well as user accounts on various other social networks such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr etc. You may be a business owner, but you are also an individual with friends, family, and peers you want to keep in touch with via social media. This is nothing unusual, as statistics show that 128 million people use Facebook daily. Nonetheless, checking your social media accounts or reading the latest news in your Facebook feed doesn’t make you an internet marketer. Most people, business owners included, use social media to chat with their friends and see what they’ve been up to lately or to flip through pictures and funny videos.

The main reason why most traditional advertising agencies in New York avoid social media marketing is their overall lack of knowledge and experience with optimizing and using such platforms efficiently and effectively. This is a shame, as you probably realize how important social media is to your business and how effective it can be when properly used.

We’ve got many clients telling us that they are not at ease with social media because they aren’t doing any form of digital marketing. Most often, these clients confess they have a Facebook page, but they aren’t motivated to add content to it or to maintain it properly because nobody visits it anyway. The same applies to Twitter. Our clients have business Twitter accounts, but nobody ever finds out about their new products or special promotions from their Twitter news feed. Others believe that having a good looking and professional website should be enough for them to conquer the digital world.

A coherent social media strategy is way more than a good website and a bunch of profiles and pages on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest. Here’s what you might want to ask yourself when setting your goals for your social media strategies:

  1. How are your social media activities supporting your SEO efforts?
  2. Has your social media activity influenced your brand recognition among consumers in your core target group?
  3. What kind of online feedback to you get? Is it positive or not?
  4. What is the social media activity of your main competitors?
  5. What are your goals in regard to the development of your online presence?
  6. How good are you in developing and maintaining an active and popular YouTube channel for your business?
  7. How many social media accounts do you maintain for your company, and how do they support each other?
  8. Are you good at engaging with your community in order to enhance their feeling of belonging to a special tribe?
  9. How many potential clients have found you via one of the social media platforms you actively use?
  10. How “valuable” do you make your customers feel when targeting them with your social media messages?
  11. How often do you update your profiles in order to give your followers the feeling of freshness and to inform them on the latest news in your company or in your market?
  12. Do you have an established “personality” for your business, so that your potential clients recognize it and understand what it is all about?
  13. Is my New York SEO marketing company helping my business by building its social media presence in the most effective manner?

When you contact us to talk about your social media marketing needs, we usually ask you all these questions, as they are very important for the future work we are going to do together, should you pick us to help you become a prominent online presence in your market. These concepts and ideas are foreign to many New York advertising agencies, as their specialty has nothing to do with the digital environment. We are going to guide you through answering all these questions one by one, eventually putting together a detailed strategy to go forward. We are committed to helping you build and develop an environment in which your followers to feel valued, identifying their awesome experience with your company.

If all these seem overwhelming, we urge you to overcome this moment and move on to implementing these concepts in practices. By choosing us to be your social media marketing partner, you can rest assured we are going to manage everything on your behalf, enabling you to do what you know best, that is to serve your clients!