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As an SEO consultant in New York, we have learned how to identify with other business, while understanding where they are coming from. Of course, running a business can be difficult, since no one is there just to give you all the answers. Where should my business put more marketing resources in? PPC? Billboards? TV? Search Engine Optimization? How should we file our taxes? etc. The list is virtually endless. Nonetheless, marketing is one of the key mysteries for many businesses.

You may be wondering why your investment in marketing doesn’t always seem to take you where you want Maybe you are spending too much, or your resources aren’t enough. But the truth is, every business owner is wondering the same way.

New York SEO Consultant

It was very normal 20 years ago for people to get quotes on anything from several different sources.  In today’s day and age, we are fortunate to have the access to all of the information we need instantly. Instead of having to go meet several sales people and haggling with them all day, we can simply turn to the internet and do our research. Even if you were buying a car today you only need to visit 1 or 2 dealerships before making a final decision. This leads us to our next question:

How can we become the business that they will find?

As a New York SEO consultant and analytics expert, we have become SEO experts. But quite frankly, we are not usually fond of the title New York SEO expert. Nonetheless, we consider ourselves seasoned advertising and marketing specialists, with a proven track record in making both large and small businesses successful. Actually, we consider our services to be some of the best SEO Services in New York. Nothing scares us these days, so if you have any digital marketing challenge, we would certainly enjoy chatting with you about it.

What can an SEO New York Consultant do for you?

Many people still don’t understand exactly what EO consultant do. Well, with SEO consultations, you can do a number of things, including a myriad of SEO services. Additionally, SEO consulting usually comes with project execution, not just the talking part. But before we can get into details on what is invoved when creating an SEO campaign, you need to understand what SEO is first.

What is a New York SEO Consultant Do?

Rather than give you a definition, which you probably already know, I’m going to explain the requirements needed for Search Engine Optimizations to work. SEO entails a combination of 4 different groups of activities:
1. Content marketing
2. Technical SEO
3. Social Media Marketing
4. Online PR

How to Hire a Credible SEO New York Company

SEO is all about crafting great content, and getting out the word about it. As such, the type of SEO Company you hire should be able to and focused on content marketing and promotion strategies. Keep in mind that outside the technical aspects, SEO is more of an online popularity contest.

Do you mean SEO is not just about keywords, meta-tags and the various back-end stuff?
Yes. Search engines have been continually evolving, and what worked 10 years ago won’t necessarily work today.

It’s important to understand the business models and vision of the major search engines like Google. What sets it apart from other search engines, and makes most internet users continue to use it every day? Well, because it’s so good at providing us with exactly what we were searching for. This can be summarized into two reasons:

  1. Happy Users: these are users who find the resource they were looking for quickly, preferably on the first page
  2. Non-Happy-Users: these have to browse through a number of pages before they find exactly what they were searching for

To provide the most relevant results, Google uses highly complex algorithms with over 200 ranking factors. As such, you need to cater to much of the essential signals that Google’s Search bots read from your website. They include:

  1. Content Relevancy: this is satisfied by effective content marketing
  2. Link Authority: Satisfied through Online PR, Content Marketing, and Social Media
  3. Link Relevancy: Satisfied through Online PR and Content Marketing
  4. Social Media Signals: Satisfied through Social Media and Content Marketing

How to Find the Best SEO New York Company

Value proposition is very important here, and as SEO Professionals, we always prefer prefacing it with a statement that sets the right expectations for our clients. From an entrepreneurial point of view, we know that it took time and energy to earn your resources, and the main reason why you are still interested is because you are considering to make an investment with a trustable company.

SEO is more of a long-term investment, and it can take a few months to start realizing the results. The time frame required will depend on a number of factors such as:
The current state of your website
How competitive the keywords being targeted are
Whether you need to recover from an old penalty incurred from the past
Plus much more. (Remember there are over 200 ranking factors considered by Google when ranking results)

  1. Some of the questions an SEO consultant will ask include:
  2. How long has your business been in operation?
  3. How long has your website been up?
  4. Have you used any SEO service in the past?
  5. Some SEO agencies have a widely acknowledged reputation
    Did your rankings just drop suddenly? If so, had you made any changes to your search marketing program?

With over 200 ranking factors in Google’s search algorithms, we believe we are aware of what these are, and that we are the best SEO agency in New York that can take your website to the top. Our goal is building your online brad properly, and earning you a long-term return on investment. In fact, that’s the beauty of search optimization. While it takes time, you can garner a top position and stay there, provided you do SEO right the first time, and avoid cutting any corners.

I can tell you for sure that SEO works; the trick is understanding how you can position your online brand properly, and working to stay consistent.

Need Proof We’re SEO Expert?
Just look at how we rank on Google for these keywords:
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How can You Increase your Google Ranking?
There are actually a number of things you need to do. As we have already mentioned, Google uses over 200 ranking factors, but the most important of them include:
RankBrain (the machine learning algorithm used by Google)

We try to satisfy the requirements set by Google for Search Engine Optimization as much as we can, though they are not always easy to meet, especially when it comes to backlinks. As one of the heavily weighted ranking factor, backlinks are very important in any SEO strategy. Nonetheless, even the best of SEO experts can have trouble when finding new ways to get quality backlinks for their clients.

How We Get Quality Backlinks for our clients?
Rather than just emphasizing on SEO tactics in acquiring backlinks, we also focus on PR to build relationships with online influencers and bloggers. Relation building and PR strategies are generally too complex, and most agencies try to avoid them. Contrariwise, an SEO consultant is more agile, and can bring a great process on the table.