7 Quick Tips On How To Use Social Media

Tips For Using Social Media

NYC SEO Authority | New York City Social Media MarketingIf you’re a business or website owner based in New York, or elsewhere, then social media should be part of every search engine optimization strategy. Social media usage has grown in popularity and Google and other search engines don’t ignore social media. This means that the popularity of your site on social media is associated with SEO.

The reason why that is is because of people talk about you, then you are relevant to the topic they are discussing. This is regardless if you’re being talked about offline or online. With that said, we will provide you tips on using social media, so continue to read on to learn more.

1. Keep Your Social Media Accounts Alive – Part of your New York internet marketing plan should be to keep your social media accounts alive, which means to be active. You have to let people know what interests you, what you’re working on and you want to share new blog posts. Schedule posts ahead of time if you’re going to be away for extended periods of time or at least let your followers know when you’ll be back on social media.

After a bit of time has gone by, feel free to re-post your older content. Doing this will draw people to your site, and these people may not have seen your previously posted content. This is why it’s a good idea to re-post older content from time to time.

2. Create Interesting Excerpts – When you share posts on social media, write an interesting excerpt. This is how you’ll draw the attention of people. For example, you can choose to quote the most important sentence in your post or you can share your blog post’s introduction. The goal of doing this is to get people to read the content you just published, so make sure you write captivating excerpts.

3. Diversity Is Important – Share various kinds of content on your social media accounts. Share things like videos, news items and pictures because you want to add a personal touch to your brand. Pay attention to how many people view, share and like your posts. This will help you determine what types of posts do well and which ones do not do that good.

4. Monitor Comments – Eventually you’ll receive comments on your posts. It’s crucial to monitor your comments. Handle comments as quickly as possible.

5. Use Excellent Illustrations – Instagram, Pinterest, and other similar social media sites are focused on illustrations. Visual content is important, even on sites like Facebook. In other words, you want to use excellent illustrations nor visual content when you post to social media.

6. Be Active In The Community – You’ll want to be active in the community. This will allow you to find other interesting people in your niche. Follow them and interact because this can help you grow your audience, as well as their audience.

7. Metadata – Use hashtags in a smart way. For example, you’re attending an event, then use the name of the event as a hashtag in your post because when people search for that event, they may come across your post. Some people may re-tweet your posts if they contain certain hashtags. However, don’t overdo it when it comes to hashtags because many people don’t like this and they certainly don’t like it when random hashtags are used in a post.

As you can see, social media should be a part of any search engine optimization strategy. As previously mentioned, if you’re a New York-based business or website, or if you’re based anywhere else in the world, then you’ll want to create a social media strategy. Sure, this can be difficult to do and you’ll want to be creative, but it is worth it.

Also, creating a solid social media strategy will consume a lot of time. The good news is that blogging and social media are closely related, so it can be fun. With that said, all you have to do now is create a social media strategy and implement as soon as possible.

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