Be Wary Of The SEO Poachers In New York

Watch Out For The Dreaded New York SEO Poacher

Though you may not have heard the term before, an SEO poacher has likely already gotten in touch with you or will very shortly. These poachers are out to con you, make no mistake. They have no concern about your SEO standing or establishing a positive connection with your business. Their only concern is a financial one. What can you do to stay safe from the SEO poacher? Take steps to ensure the integrity of your enterprise by learning more about their tactics and how to identify them before you are victimized.

What Are NYC SEO Poachers?

Every business owner, manager or other executive needs to make sure that they obtain the services of the right SEO firm. SEO poachers make use of dishonest techniques in order to steal customers away from respectable firms. Poachers do not care about achieving results on your behalf. They are scammers, not search engine optimization experts.

Should you make the error of dropping a respected SEO firm in favor of a poacher, you may end up losing everything you have worked to build in terms of SEO strength. Furthermore, poachers regularly do things that wind up attracting negative attention and penalties from Google. The process of recovering from such a setback can be lengthy indeed.

Identifying SEO Poachers in New York

What is the best way to differentiate between proper web design or SEO firms and poachers? Watch for these hallmarks:

1) Unsolicited email communications that are businesslike and mention having been referred by another party. The referring party, mind you, is never mentioned by name.

2) Email messages that attempt to recite problems with your existing site. A poacher will claim to be able to correct the issues their analysis has identified. Typically, these “errors” are nonexistent or extremely minor in nature.

3) Emotional pitches that attempt to capitalize on a business owner’s fears or desire to achieve maximum profits.

4) Assignments of the blame on current SEO firm in which your present contractors are assailed for not fixing the aforementioned “problems” with the website.

5) Guarantees of amazing results that seem out of line with reality. Reputable SEO firms know not to promise top rankings tied to little more than how much money the customer has spent.

6) Final sales hook urging the immediate establishment of a business relationship so that the incredible results promised in the promotional email can be attained right away.

Being on the lookout for these telltale signs of an SEO poacher can keep your website rankings on solid footing and your business enterprise safe from unscrupulous scammers.

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