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Top Three Strategies NYC Businesses Need To Use To Manage Online Reviews

What kind of online reputation does your brand have? Most business owners keep an eye on the reviews and ratings they receive online to get an idea of what people are saying. And if you are like most business owners, you have probably come across some negative ratings and reviews.

Receiving a bad review on the Internet can be hurtful for your business. No matter how hard you work to offer good products and services, some people might decide to avoid your business after seeing a negative review. Recognizing the importance of online reviews is the first step. Managing them comes second. What should you do if you receive some bad reviews?

There Are Different Types Of Online Reviews

You should be familiar with the different types of reviews and platforms where Internet users can write reviews. Google, Facebook, and Yelp are probably the first ones that come to mind. There are many other sites and apps where people can rate and reviews businesses. Find out which platforms are popular in your area or industry and which popular sites recommend brands and businesses in your niche. These sites often give visitors the possibility to rate and write reviews for the service providers they recommend.

You need to know where reviews are being written and shared so you can start managing your online reputation.

How Do Reviews Affect Your Business?

Reviews are important for your image. A bad review can negatively affect your business, whether it was written by someone who was genuinely disappointed by your products or services or shared by a malicious Internet troll who never actually visited your business.

How many times did you do some background research before choosing a service provider? Reviews probably played a part in the decision you made and influenced your opinion of different businesses. People look at product reviews when shopping or will look up restaurant reviews when planning a night out. Reviews and ratings are helpful to people who are not familiar with a business or a product. As a result, we tend to rely on what other people are saying about a business.

Most people will not buy a product or choose a service provider unless most of the reviews give this product or business 4 or 5 stars!

NYC SEO Authority | Online Review Management NYCThree Ways To Take Control Of Your Online Reputation

If you are here, you are probably worried about some of the online reviews your business has received. You need to develop a strategy to manage your online reputation and prevent these bad reviews from negatively affecting your business. Maybe you didn’t even read the introduction and just want to know about the top three strategies you can use – which is fine because this is the one thing you really need to know about!

These three strategies will help you get started with managing your online reputation:

1. Write Responses To The Reviews

Your first reaction might be to feel angry or defensive when you receive a bad review. You cannot let that come across when you respond to reviews. What would you do if a customer visited your business to complain? What would you offer to make up for the bad experience they had? You need to find a resolution for the problem. The person who wrote the bad review will be satisfied and the potential clients who check reviews will see that you care about offering good customer service.

Choose the right tone and message when responding to reviews. You should respond as quickly as possible and find a solution for the problem. Don’t hesitate to share a phone number or an email so the person can get in touch with you and give you more details. Failing to respond to bad reviews will make people think that you do not provide good customer service. Instead, write a polite response and offer a solution.

2. Create Strong Relationships

Use social media to get more traffic and to increase brand loyalty. Social media allows you to reach out to new potential customers and to engage them in a fun and interesting way. Social media is a fun way to deliver useful content while establishing yourself as an expert in your industry. You can craft a unique personality for your brand, build trust and make your company more human. If you offer this type of experience to people, they will be more likely to share positive feedback.

3. Ask People For Positive Reviews

People won’t think to go online and write a review when they have a great experience. Consumers will be more likely to rate your business or to write a review if you remind them to do so. You should ask your long-standing customers to write a review. You will get more reviews if you can provide people with a link they can follow to rate your business and write a review on Google, Facebook, Yelp or on another platform. Make this process as quick and easy as possible. Getting more positive reviews will make the negative ones a lot less noticeable.

Find Out More

Managing your brand online is more complex than that. Managing your reviews will have a positive impact on your online reputation, but there are other strategies you can use. You should contact us to find out more about how we can help you manage your brand online and stay competitive.

NYC SEO Authority continues to service new and existing businesses in New York City. We continue to adapt so as to stay current in online marketing NYC. Call today with any questions you may have regarding your businesses search engine optimization!

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