Taking A Look At Targeting Keyword For Your SEO In New York

How Many Keywords Should You Focus On When Optimizing Your Site For New York SEO?

One of the first and most important steps in any SEO strategy involves selecting the keywords that you are going to target. Unfortunately, if you choose the wrong keywords, you may never get the results you are looking for, even if you do everything else correctly. During this part of the process, you not only need to figure out which keywords will give you the best results but you also have to decide how many words you are going to target.

Avoid the temptation to focus on a single keyword. Even if you don’t have a lot of money to spend, limiting yourself to just one keyword rarely provides good results. Popular keywords that get enough traffic to support your site on their own are extremely competitive, making it practically impossible to get your site to rank for them. At the same time, less popular keywords usually don’t get enough searches to provide your site with an adequate amount of traffic on their own.

At the same time, you need to be careful not to choose too many keywords. If you go overboard with the number of keywords that you are targeting, you won’t be able to give each individual keyword the attention that it deserves. As a result, you may have a difficult time getting your site to rank at the top of the results for any of the keywords on your list. Granted, you eventually do want your site to rank for a lot of keywords. When you are starting out, however, it is best to focus on a relatively limited selection of words so that you can dedicate more resources to each keyword.

Although there is no exact formula for figuring out the number of keywords that you should target, choosing approximately 5 keywords is a good option. Each of those words should get at least 100 searches each month. Although that may not seem like many words, it actually can bring in a lot more traffic than you might think. Typically, if you rank well for a keyword phrase, you will also rank well for variations of that phrase.

For instance, if you choose “mortgage tips” as one of your keywords, your site will most likely also rank well for related keywords like “tips on mortgages” and “tips for getting a mortgage”. In addition, as long as you create high-quality content that is relevant to the keyword, you will most likely also rank for a lot of other closely-related longtail keyword phrases.

For example, if one of your articles includes the phrase “where is the best place to get mortgage tips”, you most likely will rank well on Google for that phrase, even if you aren’t directly targeting it. It is important to remember that most keyword tools don’t provide information on extremely long keyword phrases like these.

Even though longtail keywords usually don’t get a lot of searches, they still can bring in a lot of traffic. In fact, an estimated 40% of Internet searches are made up of keyword phrases that include a minimum of four words. Together, all of the longtail keywords on your site can bring in a significant amount of traffic, even if they aren’t searched for very often on their own.

Even if you start out with just five keywords, your site will most likely rank for many additional keywords as well. Interestingly, a lot of the traffic that your site receives probably won’t come from the exact keyword phrases that you target. Instead, many people will find you by searching for longer, more specific phrases that your site ranks for naturally based on its content. These types of longtail searches often outperform shorter keyword phrases in terms of conversions. After all, people who are searching for such specific information usually know exactly what they are trying to find.

Once your site starts ranking well for the first five keywords that you focused on, you can then begin adding additional keywords. One of the benefits of focusing on small groups of keywords like this is that you can generally see faster results. Additionally, you have an opportunity to review the keyword searches that are performing best through programs like Google Analytics before deciding which other keywords you want to target.

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