A Step By Step Guide On How To Develop A Successful Social Media Marketing Strategy For Better Lead Generation

How To Develop A Social Media Advertising Strategy

Plan And Develop Your Topics

When it comes to using social media and digital marketing NYC, one of the initial biggest mistakes is assuming you will just posts when something comes up. The problem with approaching things that way is either you think of something while you are busy doing something else or when you sit down to post, you get writer’s block or forget what you were going to say. One effective and proven technique is compiling a shortlist of topics that can serve as self-conservation starters for you. The following are some examples:

  • special offers or sales
  • customer testimonials
  • recent projects completed by your company
  • interesting facts about your company
  • education on the services your company provides
  • funny or inspirational quotes
  • tricks and tips
  • breaking industry news

Develop Your Voice Through Your Social Media Marketing Channel

Making using an appropriate and consistent voice across your whole social media presence helps to shape the perception the followers of your business. A web design company is going to have a different tone for their Twitter feed than a comedian, although some general topics could be the same. It is especially important if there is more than one person managing your social media accounts.

SEO Your Posts On Your Social Media For Effective Digital Marketing

Write your posts mainly for your readers but don’t forget about the fact that your posts are read by the search engines as well! Write your posts so that they contain some of the keywords that you have optimized your website for. Links should be included on your website. The search engines will detect the shared keywords for the search engine rankings for your website.

Schedule Your Time And Your Posts Every Time You Upload Content

After your topics are developed, schedule 20-30 minutes two times per week to create your posts. Make sure your content is to the point and that it is something that the audience will find interesting and beneficial. There are two important things that are accomplished when you schedule your social media time:

  1. Develops a habit or routine that keeps your presence on social media alive
  2. Provides a certain window of time to prevent you from getting sucked in surfing for 3 hours on Facebook

While you still have your social media hat on taking some time to get a couple of posts scheduled for the future, either later on in the week or later that same day. If you have any time-sensitive announcements or inspiration strikes you, it is still possible to go in and post something anytime. However, make it the exception instead of the rule so that your presence stays a lot more active.

Add A Video Or A Picture To Catch The Eye Of Your Audience

With all of the hundreds of posts, the people see every day, adding a picture is a great way to help you stand out. It can be a pic of a product of yours, a project you just completed, or something appropriate or iconic for the topic. You can post a vlog (video blog) of yourself casually speaking to your followers and inviting them to interact with you.

Build Your Following Count On Every Social Media Platform For Effective Advertising

Note this isn’t our first line. Remember, numbers aren’t everything. You are more likely to be able to build a following if you have an engaging message. Here is a way to help give your following a kickstart:

  • Offer giveaways or special incentives to your followers
  • Place social media URLs and/or icons on company ads
  • Add your website links to your social media accounts
  • Add a link to your email signature for your social media accounts
  • Use tools that enable you to invite individuals from either your address book or using other methods

Interact with your Community

Each week set aside some time for interacting with your community. Two-way conversation is required for being social. Your followers will frequently feel much more connected (and loyal to your business) if you interact with them.

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