Utilizing The Long-Tail Keyword For Blog SEO in New York

NYC SEO Authority Educates On Befriending The Long-Tail Keyword!

Utilizing the best SEO tactics is essential to blogging success, and focusing on long-tail ones can really boost your blog standing. By making the most of this strategy, you can maintain a well-structured blog that is easy for people to navigate. This tactic allows you to begin building traffic from visitors that are more like to turn into conversions. This post will help you understand why long-tail keywords should be in your New York SEO plans.

Long-Tail Keywords Defined

Many people wonder exactly what “long-tail keyword” even means. The term originated from a book released by Chris Anderson titled The Long Tail. In it, Anderson reveals that practically every product under the sun has a market. While some are large and obvious, such as burgers sold by the major chains, others have a much smaller reach. If your product or service is designed to appeal to a very tiny segment of society, the internet is the answer to your marketing dreams. Even the most obscure niche blogs can turn a regular profit if you implement this tool correctly. Unlike regular keywords, these narrow down the search and focus on an exact response.

Multiple Tails From One Head

The head term or main keyword of your blog is the overall theme of your blog. For instance, health and wellness blogs focus on exercise, diet, and supplements. Many moms have blogs that relate to their experiences as mothers; these have posted about kids, mom self-care and things like organizing toy boxes.

The blog theme should be the primary keyword that you target. For instance, if you have a blog that is about vegetarian eating, you want to rank well for that term. If someone goes to their favorite search engine and enters “vegetarian eating”, you want them to see your site.

The problem is that you cannot optimize every single page to this one keyword. The fact is that you would be defeating your purposes by increasing the competition against yourself! However, you can use that as the base for your long-tail keyword strategy. For your vegetarian blog, you might have posted about vegetarian breakfasts, vegetarian lunches, vegetarian desserts and vegetarian smoothies. These are great ideas for primary categories. Then, you could focus your posts even more.

For instance, you might create a post about vegetarian desserts under $5, or another about 6-ingredient smoothies. These and other similar appropriate long-tail keywords can be found utilizing keyword research tools.

From The Tail Back To The Head

If you are creating your posts utilizing these types of long-tail variants, you need to make sure that you link them properly. In addition to the head category pages, the content should always link to your cornerstone content. By linking the tail back to the head, you are helping Google and the other search engines to clearly see your site structure and which pages are prioritized.

If you have some incredibly great content, get it to rise in the search engine results pages. Perhaps you have created a page with rich, delectable vegetarian dessert recipes. This should be the kind of stuff that is going to make people want to come back again and again. The long-tail optimized blog posts should link to these vital head pages.

Why Do Long-Tail Keywords Matter In SEO?

1. You are going to rank higher with a longer keyword. The fact is that shorter keywords have significantly more competition. The more relevant data included in the search query, the more targeted Google search results will be. For instance, “vegetarian cheesecake” is going to have significant competition. On the other hand, “homemade gluten-free, fat-free vegetarian cheesecake” is going to provide fewer, but very targeted, results. By incorporating multiple long-tail keywords into your blog, you will be building strong traffic.

2. Additionally, this method has higher conversions that regular keyword targeting. The people who find your site with these clear intentions are more likely to return to your site when they are looking for similar types of high-quality information. For instance, if the homemade gluten-free, fat-free vegetarian cheesecake was a big hit at the potluck, it is likely the person will return to find another vegetarian dish to wow their friends with at the next gathering.

When people know what they seek, and are able to find it, they realize the importance of it. In fact, visitors who find your page via a long-tail keyword search are more likely to sign up for your e-newsletters in order to get the latest updates regarding your blog. This way, even if they forget the name of your blog, your well-crafted e-mail will alert them to the awesomeness of your blog!

Keep The Long-Tail Keyword Posts Coming!

Bloggers need to take advantage of the best SEO tactics available. Focusing on long-tail keywords is an ideal strategy that will help you create a sustainable stream of traffic. By focusing on these specific keywords, you will increase your traffic with the right types of audiences. Remember to link from tail to head so that the search engines can read your site and understand what is most important to you.

In fact, using this strategy can help you to brainstorm new blog posts too. If you have been at it for a while, you know that it can sometimes be difficult to find new ideas for your blog. This is just another benefit to using long-tail keywords in your blog posts!

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