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With every minute that passes us by, over 48 hours worth of new video content gets uploaded. Even more interesting than that is 17% of people online spend 4 seconds when visiting websites but at happy to watch a video online for an average of 3 minutes. It is very clear that video is very powerful. However, if you don’t optimize your videos so that they match what people online are looking for, then the chances that your videos will reach your intended audience is very small. That is where the best New York video marketing comes into play.

NYC SEO Authority | New York City Video MarketingHere at NYC SEO Authority, we are not merely a New York-based video production company; instead, we are a result-oriented web marketing firm that is focused on assisting you with growing your business. We will not only assist you with getting high-quality videos product, but our SEO technicians also will ensure that your videos are optimized properly so they that achieve high search engine rankings and increase the conversions on the traffic to your website. There has been a time, after all, to integrate video marketing into your marketing effort. The following are the benefits you can receive from the best New York video production from NYC SEO Authority.

1. Video provides a face to your brand
2. Video has a better chance of going viral
3. Video allows you to stand out from the crowd
4. Video makes it possible for you to easily convey and simplify complex information
5. Video makes it easy for viewers to share with other
6. Consumers who watch a video are a lot more likely to make purchases

However, many individuals when they hear of video production quickly start to think about complicated coding, video editing, and jargon. However, what those individuals fail to realize is that video marketing involves identifying the wants, needs, and language of your audience. It is that easy.

How The Video Marketing Services That We Offer Work

1. We create engaging and professional quality content

Have you ever wondered why so many people are more likely to watch a video than they are to read text on a website? The answer is simple. It is due to the fact that videos are engaging. For example, videos that offer step-by-step demos on various ‘how-to’ topics, as well as those expressing opinions on specific subjects, are considered to be very useful and get the highest audiences online. However, the videos need to be produced in a certain way so that they are long enough so that they cover all of the basics adequately but short enough so that the viewers still want more. The best way of ensuring that your videos are high quality is to have a professional and competent video production company such as NYC SEO Authority make your videos.

2. Video Reporting to achieve consistent ROI for your business

The best New York video marketing strategies that we use will actively monitor the performance of your video content to see which of your videos are getting the most views and transactions.

3. We have strategists dedicated to doing cross-web promotions

As previously mentioned, your videos will only be effective if they obtain an audience. Here at NYC SEO Authority, our team of highly trained and skilled video strategists provides you with impressive video SEO consultation to ensure that your videos, as well as their scripts, drive relevant search traffic over to your website.

The way people are shopping online these days is changing. Over half of all American consumers, in fact, agree that branded videos are making an impact on their purchase decisions. The fully integrated video product and video marketing services offered by NYC SEO Authority will drive your web presence by offering you interactive, quality content that is designed to influence and engage your specific audience.

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