SEO Expert: Video Live Streaming Tips To Build Your Brand & Company

NYC SEO Authority: Live Streaming Video Tips For Building Your Business And Brand

1. Put the camera on you.

I’m a big fan of making your videos very personal. Of course, you still need to account for factors like video SEO and incorporate them into your videos. However, people want to be able to relate to and connect with the individual who is speaking. To begin with, having the camera on you. You can then turn to your object if you have someone next to you. It is a lot easier to turn off a video and stop watching a video of places or things than it is somebody speaking directly to you.

2. Introduce your location and yourself

No matter what your video happens to be about – whether it is personal, business, or just a rant – be sure that the people watching your video know where you are and who you are. The easiest way to do this is to just simply state your name at the start of the video.

3. Make your point fast

Remember you only have just a couple of seconds to catch the attention of people, so make it really count. Viewers these days have so many options and such short attention spans, so in order to keep them engaged, make sure to quickly tell them what they will get from watching your video. If you are just rambling on about nothing in particular or they don’t understand what you are saying, then they will simply click away from your video. You can say something like, “Your takeaway from the video is…” or “I am going to show you something in this video that you absolutely need.”

4. Be professional during your video live stream

A video lasts an entire lifetime. Think to yourself, “Am I the individual that somebody would want to buy something from, hire, or connect with? That includes not endlessly repeating yourself, speaking about your subject knowledgeably, looking directly into the camera, no swaying from side-to-side, proper posture, and dressing properly.

5. Use Humor

Remember that teacher you had who was too serious about absolutely everything? Do you remember anything that she said? I sure don’t. The right humor connect you and your audience, builds your brand, keeps them watching your videos, makes even subject that are boring still enjoyable. Self-deprecating gentle humor tends to work well since it reduces the factor of narcissism. For example, I’m bald and I like to ask viewers whether they think my hair looks good.

6. Be prepared yet be natural.

Don’t ever read a script while on camera. That will turn people off faster than almost anything. If you have three to five bullet points that you can naturally deliver that is what really want to do. Personally, I like to write them down ahead of time and repeat them to myself a couple of times before I turn on my camera.

7. Be authentic.

When it comes to having individuals be attracted to you and build your brand the most effective technique is to be yourself. When you try being someone you aren’t or try saying things you don’t really believe, your audience will definitely be able to tell. It’s fine to make mistakes on camera. You can actually turn it into something positive as long as you don’t panic or turn beet red.

8. Be live on a regular basis.

The more you do live stream, more you will improve and be better at it and more your audience will want it from you. They’ll look forward to being able to see you on camera. You will start meeting people that you met in person tell you they saw your video. It is fundamental to building your brand. I have found that one to two lie streams per week is ideal.

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