Some SEO Tactics Are Far From The Truth

8 Online Marketing And Social Media Lies That You May Think Are True

SEO and Social Media marketing are still fairly new types of outlets for online marketing. Therefore, many business owners still are learning how to use and explore these types of marketing methods to see if they will work effectively for their businesses. Over the course of this learning process, all of us tend to pick up bad habits. The following are 8 lies regarding marketing that you might believe still.

Lie #1 – It is a good thing to directly advertise to your followers or fans.

If you have any type of Social Media following, you might want to directly advertise your products to these people. However, that is actually a big no-no. What people are interested in on social media, is interesting and trending content that they have the chance to engage with. They aren’t interested in looking at your products and clicking on links that go to your website all day long. Many people will stop following you if you do that. Give them the chance instead to sign up for your newsletter and then show them your service or product via email instead.

Lie #2 – More followers is better.

You probably think that having a large following will make you appear to be more cool, legitimate or trustworthy. But in the end, it can actually hurt you rather than help you. If you follow lots of individuals every day in order to achieve a following, then your audience will not be made up of people who are truly interested in your products or services and they won’t engage with your posts. Google in addition to social sites analyzes the number of your followers who are actually engaging with you. If this ratio is very low, then these sites will not spread your content throughout their social platforms.

Lie #3 – It is great and awesome for my business to buy followers.

As previously mentioned, you might think having a big following will help you in many different ways. However, it is definitely not good to have an audience that does not engage very much with your content. When you purchase likes or followers all you are doing is paying to get bot accounts. That means they aren’t real people and will never engage with your posts or content. If you want to really engage with your following and grow it, then see our videos for tips on how to create engaging and great content.

Lie #4 – I can get engagement from my followers or audience by posting whatever I want to.

You need to be sure that you are linking your content properly from your website onto your Social platforms. Your posts should be optimized with links and images, in addition to cards and graphs. Affordable SEO New York providers can help you with this if you aren’t sure what to do. When your Social posts are optimized, there will not only be a higher likelihood of your audience sharing them, but they will link back to your website correctly as well in the eyes of Google.

Lie #5 – Posting more is better.

NYC SEO Authority | New York Internet Marketing TacticsSocial media is basically an open discussion taking place between millions of individuals. There are some businesses that might think that posting about their personal lives will cause their followers to feel a closer personal connection with them. However, that is definitely not true. So stop now if you are doing this. You can use tools such as Facebook SDK developer tools as well as Hootsuite in order to find out when your audience engages with your posts. The last thing you want to do is post 20 posts per day that are full of garbage. Post 1 to 2 posts per day with relevant and interesting content about your business as well as how it relates to topics that are trending.

Lie #6 – It is okay to argue with people online.

This is so important that I cannot stress it enough. If someone posts a bad review about your business on a social site or your page, don’t argue with them. That will make you appear to be unintelligent and petty. Individuals don’t like doing business with 14-year-olds. Therefore don’t act like them. Instead, try to get the problem resolved by contacting them privately.

Lie #7 – It won’t hurt me to bad mouth my competition.

It should be very obvious that this is a bad idea. However, I have seen so many of my clients participate in this. It might seem beneficial for your business to badmouth your competition. However, like arguing, it will just make you appear to be unintelligent and petty. Even weak. If you are proud of your company and stand fully behind your brand, products, and service, then you don’t have any reason to engage in this type of behavior.

Link #8 – My life is made easier by using linking building software.

The SEO term link building refers to sharing or building links from your website to other sites online. There is both a right and wrong way to do this. The right way of doing it is finding other blogs, websites and social feeds that relate to your business. Other sites that have content that is irrelevant to your website’s content are not good sites to build links to. Buying one of the numerous programs that build links all over the place is a very bad idea and Google will end up slapping your website down. So never do this, no matter how easy it might look. Instead, find an affordable SEO New York service, like NYC SEO Authority to help you with your search engine optimization efforts and let our team take care of your online exposure and link building process.

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