Don’t Make These New York Web Design Mistakes

7 Deadly NYC Web Design Mistakes

For every website, the conversion should definitely be the endgame. A website’s basic purpose is to have its page convert into either a contact from a prospective client or a sale. I am confronted almost every day with websites that don’t include ways for visitors to interact, with the website owners upset at why this wasn’t considered by their web designer. That is why it is essential to find high-quality New York City web design professionals to work on your website.

When getting your website setup, the following are some useful tips for you to consider:

1. Phone Number

Make sure it is in plain sight. Don’t make people have to go around digging for it. It should be in the header in a contrasting color as part of your page design so that it stands out. The font size should also be larger to stand out and some shadowing for giving the number some depth.

2. Get A Path Created For Contact

Be sure that there is an easy way for people to contact you and explain to them clearly what you would like them to do. So if you are wanting them to fill a form out, use language that people will understand, such as ‘request information.’ Try to avoid using labels such as ‘submit.’

3. Avoid Sending Mixed Messages

Be sure that your page matches your keywords and tell the users clearly what to do. So if you are a staffing agency, then state “we provide staffing.” When a slogan such as “we grow businesses” is used, it doesn’t tell the user anything about what you actually do and therefore a mixed message is sent.

4. The More Clicks Needed The Worse The Conversion Is

Don’t force your visitor to have to do a lot of navigating around your website in order to find what they are looking for. The more navigation they need to do, the less likely they will want to engage with you. Engineers are the only ones who will read your entire website.

5. Don’t Use Gimmicks

Gimmicks cause lots of problems. For example, on iPads Flash doesn’t work. With the widespread use of tablets these days that’s a problem. Don’t allow your developer to try talking you into using some shiny object. Those things get old very quickly and sideline many members of your audience.

NYC SEO Authority | Web Design Firm in New York6. Pay Very Close Attention To The Images You Use

Images are often used improperly on websites. One of the biggest mistakes that are made is using the wrong type of image on a website. I see both small and big companies making this mistake. Stock images of individuals not matching the company’s tone is another big mistake that I see all of the time. People who are contacting you from your website will have a visual already of what your company is like.

7. The 8 Second Rule

What I am referring to here is that you have only about 8 seconds for capturing the attention of your user. Be sure to have a clear message and the right visual clues for capturing the user. When the colors green and red are used properly it informs the user what they should do. Using bold fonts will enable a user to scan your copy and see a good idea of what your page is about without reading every single word. Having clear navigation will give a visitor an idea of where they should go. Always ensure that the message on your page matches with what the user expects.

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