Creating An Optimal Landing Page For Your New York Website

Essential Elements Of A Perfect Landing Page Design

Being a search engine optimization specialist, I fully appreciate the importance of a landing page. For starters, it plays a critical role in generating the best search metrics in a timely fashion. This is very important, more so when you consider the fact that Google seized providing webmasters with any of the keyword data. The landing page in this regard has become an alternative source for this information, providing webmasters with incredible insights into their property’s performance.

Just as it is with other SEO firms, our team makes use of Google Analytics as the main tool to track our clients landing pages. The data generated by tracking landing pages enable us to understand certain aspects such as which keywords were used in the search engine, how visitors are getting the website, and which links were used.

With the above in mind, when it comes to optimizing a landing page, there are certain golden tips to keep in mind and to follow. The Critical Elements of The Perfect Landing Page include:

  • An effective landing page must have a clear mandate. You need to have a clear understanding and expectation of a landing page to ensure that you can understand and gauge its effectiveness.
  • An effective landing page must have a clear Call-To-Action. Obviously, the landing page needs to be related to the purpose of the landing page. Importantly, the call-to-action needs to have strong supportive content.
  • An effective landing page has to be simple. For a landing page to be effective, it generally has to be simple in layout and content (easy to understand). This means that while creating a landing page, minimize the distractions. Cut back on links and superfluous information.
  • Use high-quality content. The copy to your landing page should be concise, clear, and, obviously, persuasive. While the reader is interested in what you have to offer, you need to ensure they are interested and fulfill the purpose of the landing page.
  • Earn your traffic’s trust. Reduce the amount of information you are requesting from your readers. For instance, if the landing page is for an email newsletter sign up, just as ask for the first name and an email address. If the landing page is for selling a product, just ask for the billing information and the email address and add a confirmation screen as well.

Understanding The Perfect Landing Page Design

Marketers and webmasters alike agree that landing pages are of great value and are necessary. However, there is no consensus with regards to the best content and design. Essentially, there are no standardized methods of creating landing pages as is the case with email newsletters or websites.

However, it is pretty obvious that the design of any landing page is to create and direct users’ attention to the call-to-action and not distraction users from it. That is why it is advisable to keep everything simple. For instance, your landing page should have the call-to-action as the only clickable link. You can add the home button for a better user experience when they need more information.

In the same light, you should place your call-to-action “Above the Fold”. Placing the call-to-action link at the top of the page ensures that your traffic can click the link without having to scroll to find it. Nonetheless, if you have a long landing page, you should add more call-to-actions elsewhere below the fold.

Do not overuse images. A golden tip is to use at most two relevant images. You can add a video if need be. However, anything more than two images will simply clutter your page and distract your visitors from negating its effectiveness.

While there is no consensus on the best landing page design, research has shown that single columned centered design convert best.

Furthermore, while the call-to-action is the centerpiece of the design, you should keep true to your brand by using brand colors and your logo.

Renowned SEO expert, Neil Patel has published an infographic on the flaws you need to avoid when creating a landing page. Therein he also explores the steps you need to take to ensure your infographic is successful.

In Conclusion

You need to appreciate that finding the most effective landing page layout and design can be a trial and error process. For starters, what works on one website will not necessarily work on another website. The effectiveness of a website is partly influenced by the niche the website is about and the types of potential customers the niche attracts.

With this in mind, you need to test several versions of your landing page to determine with is the most effective version. You need to carry A/B testing.

Great Question! How many “landing pages” do you need?

The vast majority of webmasters reckon that they only need one or two landing pages. However, the truth is the more high-quality landing pages a website has, the more traffic the website will have. Consequently, the higher traffic a website has the higher chances of conversion.

My recommendation is for you to create a landing page for all the “Key Products and or Services” that your website offers. In this regard, focus on the most lucrative and the best performing products and services. In support of the landing pages, write a blog post or two about the products and services you are focusing on. Furthermore, write a post or two on your Google+ page. Also, write Facebook and Twitter posts and do an email blast about the posts. Finally, you can deploy keyword anchor text in citation listing and directories.

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