Everything You Should Know About A New York Digital Marketing Agency

All You Need To Know About Digital Marketing Agencies

The term ‘digital agency’ is no longer considered a new or abnormal concept; instead, it has become one of the more commonly used buzzwords in the 21st century. Unfortunately, while it is a well-known phrase, it is often overused and misinterpreted by many people. The term can seem relatively uncomplicated and easy to decipher, but as a concept, it can be quite ambiguous, and this tends to confuse individuals. This article will attempt to clarify ‘digital agencies’ and discuss the New York digital marketing agency.

1. The Digital Agency Versus Traditional/Creative Agencies

To fully explain what we believe distinguishes a New York digital marketing agency from other types of advertising and marketing firms, we will highlight some of the core differences.

• Traditional/Creative Agencies

A traditional or creative agency will place their focus on presenting the company in an aesthetically pleasing manner utilizing a combination of creative advertising techniques. The techniques can range from television and radio advertising to print, public relations, and even direct mail campaigns.

• Technical/Digital Agencies

To clarify, a ‘digital agency’ is one that cares greatly about the quality of the company’s design and the aesthetic appeal of all assets associated with the brand regardless of whether it is digital or print. They also take care to ensure that all brand assets or applications function in a way that will help companies achieve their overall business objectives.

Unlike creative agencies, a digital agency’s focus will extend beyond the mere aesthetics of advertising design and will consider the user experience on different digital platforms irrespective of the device being used. Ranging from website development and UI/UX web design to social media management, content marketing, and search engine optimization (SEO). Digital agencies work to deliver functional designs that not only look appealing but also drive growth in a business.

It is common for a technical or digital agency to specialize in a certain area of online advertising or marketing working within a certain niche industry, with a specific business type, or with a specific client base. By specializing, the agency places itself up for hire to a specific sector and will obtain greater experience in a more focused manner as compared to doing everything for the company.

2. The Advantages Of Digital Agencies

Digital agencies understand the value of investment in advanced online technology, as well as using skilled web developers, SEO experts, site programmers, and digital marketing professionals. By having these advanced technologies with skilled professionals available, a New York digital marketing agency can offer numerous digital solutions to customers along with branding services.

3. Overall Digital Statistics Worth Sharing

According to data, approximately 61% of all users are unlikely to return to a website if they had problems accessing the site in the past. To overcome this issue, it is recommended that the website becomes mobile.

It should also be noted that Americans using social media accounts would rather engage with brands using social media than accessing physical locations. Here, it is recommended that the company uses social media platforms.

Statistics also showed that emails incorporating personalized subject lines were more likely to be opened 26% of the time. This means that companies should become personal with their communication.

Remember, customer experience always matters. Statistics show that approximately 87% of all clients indicate brands need to place more effort into providing positive and consistent customer experiences.

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