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Are you in New York City and thinking of starting a blog? If so, then go for it and don’t procrastinate. Blogging is a good SEO strategy and if you need help, then you should work with the best New York City SEO agency.

However, you will want to think about how you will create and set your blog up before doing anything. Doing this results in less work in the future. With that said, here are seven tips to help you get started.

NYC SEO Authority | SEO Blog1. Pick Your Niche

Choose to write something you know about. Just don’t write about all you know. You want to choose the right niche, which will be the main topic of your blog and you will create posts related to it. By writing posts within the same niche, you will increase the chances of getting repeat visitors.

For example, if you create a parenting blog, then it implies you write about things related to parenting life. If you create a travel blog, then it indicates you write about traveling. Every once in a while it’s fine to write about something that isn’t really on topic but do your best to stick to the main topic. People don’t visit travel blogs to learn about gardening.

2. Research Keywords

Now you have chosen your niche and you will want to perform keyword research next. Find out what people are looking for and what phrases and words they are using when they want to read what you are writing about. Basically, you want to put yourself in your potential audience’s shoes.

If done right, keyword research will reveal what keywords you should use. Aim for competitive keywords. Don’t forget about long-tail keywords that are not that competitive. By using both competitive and non-competitive keywords, you will have a better chance of being found in the search results.

3. Site Structure Matters

What kind of topics are popular in your niche and what keywords are the most important and which ones you want to rank for? You will want to write long, detailed articles about each keyword. These articles will be the foundation of your content, so think about the structure of your site and make sure those articles are placed in a prominent way.

When you have created your foundation articles, you’ll want to create sub-topic articles. Don’t forget to link from your posts to your foundation articles. Google will be able to tell which articles are the most important on your blog if you do this.

4. Create Your First Post

Don’t spend too much time on keyword research and site structure because you want to get into creating your very first post. The very first post you make is where it all begins, but don’t get too hung up on perfection because you just want that post to get published and be a decent post. There are plenty of tips out there in regards to making your posts great, so read up on them.

5. Use Pictures And Videos

Writing text content is always good but you’ll want to make good use of pictures and videos. Each post you publish should have one image at the least, and you should take photos yourself and create short videos. If you are writing about your own life, then take photos that relate to what you are writing about. You will be surprised at how well this will work for you.

6. SEO

Use SEO. As previously mentioned, you can hire the best New York City SEO company to help you. SEO-friendly techniques will help your content rank in the search engines results pages.

7. Promote Your Blog

If you want to grow your blog’s audience, then use social media. Make a Facebook page for your blog and share your posts on Facebook. Twitter is also great for marketing blogs and so is Instagram.

Not only is social media a good way to market your blog but so are digital newsletters. Allow people to signup for your newsletter and then email them it when you publish new blog posts. This can generate massive amounts of traffic.

Besides setting your blog up, the most important thing you have to do is publish that first post. After you do that, your blog will officially be launched. Make sure you are consistent with creating blog posts. This is how you will be successful with blogging.

You won’t have to blog daily, but once every week or every two weeks should be good enough when you are first starting out. The key is to find the frequency you are comfortable with and can realistically stick with. Once you do this, and you post regularly, your audience will keep coming back. They will know what to expect from you, especially if you’re consistent with publishing posts on a daily, weekly or bi-weekly basis.

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