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Measuring The Success Of Your Content NYC SEO Strategy

The only way to effectively measure the success of your content SEO strategy is pegged on knowing your objective. Have a clear picture of the strategy’s purpose if you want higher rankings and the value of gaining more traffic among other factors.

As such, you should evaluate the content SEO strategy to have a definitive idea of what success means to you. To effectively measure the success, you not only have to establish your goals but also define their objective. Below are some practical tips that can help you piece everything together.

1. Define Your Ultimate Objective

Clearly define what it is you want to achieve when doing the SEO. Are you keen on getting a higher rank in Google or you are not even sure is that is your ultimate goal? Are you aiming for more online traffic to your website? Is the goal marketing-driven with the aim of making more sales? Or, are you trying to increase the volume of return visitors to your site? Each of these is a worthwhile goal and each evaluated independently using different metrics.

Optimizing using a particular search term can lead to more traffic and subsequently a higher rank in Google. However, that is not always the case. What matters is not the search term (keyword or word phrase) but what the user is looking for (the search intent). You may use a popular keyword that most people enter in the search bar, but it only relates to what you may be associated with and not what they are looking for, and thus you will not get any traffic to your site.

Organic traffic is given more importance than just a higher ranking which means the traffic to your website visits with an intention. You would want to attract a consumer base that is more likely to buy than a huge volume that leaves as soon as they arrive. As such, focus your content SEO strategy on the right audience; it should attract the right people.

2. Employ A Strategy That Fits Your Goals

You can only develop an effective strategy for your Content SEO campaign after establishing and defining your goals to have a clear idea of what it is you want to achieve. For instance, it the objective is to increase the online traffic, then consider doing something about long-tail keywords. If you are eyeing a higher ranking, update the content by adding new articles and improving the old. Or if you are more concerned about increasing the sales, look into how you can attract more potential buyers to the website.

3. Work With Measurable Goals

At this point, your focus should be on the success rate of the content SEO strategy you have put in place and this call for measuring it twice. The idea behind this is to know how you are faring before you can fully immerse the strategy into your optimization campaign. In so doing, you will also have a picture of what to expect next.

With that in mind, below are some optimization objectives and how you can measure them.

• Higher Rankings

Review the position of your content (the articles) with emphasis on the ranking you desire to note with articles are helping you achieve that goal and which need to be optimized for the same. Update the old content as you also add new pieces ensuring that you add enough of your content SEO magic. Also, remember to bring in some valuable links. Your efforts should soon see you climb up the rankings as you appear in a higher position that you formerly were before the start of the Content SEO campaign.

• More Traffic

Your focus should be on increasing the volume or unique visitors to your website if you are more concerned about the weekly or monthly online traffic. Never downplay the significance of organic traffic; the plan being sourcing visitors as they rely on keywords relevant to your content and not only the search terms. At the same time, you can use Google Analytics to monitor your visitors and know where they are coming from and their interests.

• More Sales

Increase in sales in your site should see you align your content SEO strategy to that very objective. Keep in mind that measuring the direct impact of the content SEO efforts on your sales is relatively hard but not impossible. But if you keep that fact in mind, then you will appreciate the need to investing enough time in your efforts and exercising patience. You can rely on Google Analytics to help you monitor and evaluate the sales on your website.

Other Objectives

There is more to Content SEO that just what has been mentioned above. For instance, it can be done with the aim of retaining visitors and increasing the number to return visitors, then focus on the metric of time spent on the website. If you want to increase the rate of return visits, then you will need to focus your efforts on avenues that ensure your target audience finds the information they need on your site. All in all, to see notable results from you Content SEO strategy, you must have a definitive idea of what you want to achieve.

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