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How to Successfully Market In Today´s New Age

Online marketing techniques in New York and all over the globe change just as rapidly as the technology enabling them to exist. In the future, the businesses that will experience the most amount of success will be those that comprehend the fluid nature of the word of online marketing and know how to properly make adjustments for these changes. The consensus, however, is clear, there are three main areas that your marketing techniques should focus on and those are social media marketing, mobile marketing, and email campaigns. These three factors become imperative when looking into website optimization in New York for your business or businesses.

Mobile Marketing

Over and over again, we have stressed the ever increasing importance of having your content optimized for mobile consumption. In April 2015, Google´s latest algorithm which is known as Mobilegeddon validated this. The higher a website ranked for being mobile friendly, the higher it showed up up Google´s SERPs. According to the Salesforce State of Marketing report which surveyed more than 5000 marketers the world over to ascertain exactly what their main marketing priorities were, most of them emphasized how critical mobile applications were to create a customer experience that is cohesive.

Most marketers experience a certain amount of ROI due to their mobile marketing investments. From last year, mobile marketing is up 49%, meaning that it positively contributes to generating leads. Especially new businesses have to find lurking development opportunities and use them. Where are said opportunities? Hiding on people tablets and smartphones, which account for an increasingly larger part of people’s time. Try to advertise deals and coupons which are only available via mobile devices. Consider perhaps sending welcome text messages to your customers when they originally sign up for your email subscriptions. Also, use text messages to promote your holiday or social media campaigns.

NYC SEO Authority | Future SEO Marketing in NYCSocial Media Marketing

In the past decade, social media’s omnipresence has been cemented, this is evident when you look around and see the amount of people on their phones looking over their Facebook feeds. When It come to the success of a business, social media is an important enabler. More and more companies are starting to develop a prominent presence in social media, with most companies employing over one person to oversee their presence on social media. Still reigning supreme are Facebook and Twitter, however, that is not meant to minimize how equally important other social media platforms are, if not even more important to various companies.

Other social media stages that are important include YouTube, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, blogging, and Vine, depending on the type of business you have. That being said, never abuse your power. What this means is that the content you decide to share should not merely be self-promotional. The last thing that customers want is to be flooded with even more advertisement. Instead, they want to learn. Have a balance in what is shared on social media between self-promotion and informational content. If you are able to make the customers care about your business niche, you can then capture their interest as well as their loyalty.

Email Marketing

The technique of email marketing is one which has been around for quite some time, yet shows no sign of disappearing. The reason why email campaigns are important is that they offer the consumer with exposure to what your company is doing on a consistent basis. The more often consumers are exposed to material which is relevant to your business, the more likely they are to engage fully with your product or company. It is worth the initial investment to hire staff that is dedicated to managing your email campaigns because 92% of marketers said that whether directly or indirectly, email produces ROI for their business.

What partially ties into how important successful email campaigns are is also the proliferation of smartphones, because 50% of the time, people use their mobile devices to check their emails. The presentation and template of the email are important. Companies must produce a design that is fresh and easy to read, one which readers will be enticed by. They must send out high-quality content. Once again, it shouldn’t all be self-promotional content. Two popular email providers are Aweber and Infusionsoft, they can assist your company with automating email funnels for this purpose.


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