The Need For Lovable Web Design In New York

Why Do People Leave Your Site Without Going Through It

A high bounce rate is when people leave your site within seconds of arriving on it. When this happens both search engines and searchers consider your site “UNLOVABLE”. The tips given in this article are suggestions that can make your site more lovable if you use the fixes that can help to restore traffic and make it one that is loved. These fixes are all given in posts that are easy to read and short enough to hold your attention. This allows even those of us who are busy to get started with using them.

There is a definite goal that is meant to be achieved when you build a website and share the content in it. You are building it to give searchers the information they seek and not to please search engines. This does not negate the importance of search engine optimization or SEO. All search engines, like Google, Bing, and Yahoo, do publicize their general rules for SEO and other tips for online marketing. It is important that website designers follow these rules and see that their information about these rules is constantly updated. There are white hat and black hat techniques which are defined by Google as well as the many self-styled experts on the internet. It is therefore important that you entrust your web design New York to a company that does design and SEO work while being sure that you can trust their expertise and their ability to keep up with the changes.

Your site has to be trustworthy, just as much as your company has to be. Your ABOUT US page and the HOME page must be clear about the activities of your company. If this information is not factual it can lead to a person searching for information being frustrated and misled. What you say on these pages must be the truth and nothing but the truth, as an attempt to mislead searchers can be counterproductive. Users must be offered what they expect, and the website must have a header and other content that is relevant to the subject that your website is focused on. Your searcher must not have to work hard to get any information that is needed from the Home page or About Us page.

NYC SEO Authority | Lovable Web Design in NYCCheck The Home Page

Look at it as if you are a searcher who knows nothing about your company.

  • Does it say exactly what it is required?
  • Does it list out your products services or other things you have to offer?
  • Is it easy to read even for a 6th grader?
  • Can users obtain the information they want easily from your page? You will do well to measure the readability of your page.
  • Does it have distracting flashy gimmicks? They are not needed and can be cleaned up.
  • Can users obtain the information required quickly and with ease? We will elaborate on this at a later time.

Checking Your About Us page

  • Does this page clearly lay down what your company is about?
  • You need a Mission statement and this page is the right place for it.
  • The content on this page must be such that people would like to know more and call you for information.
  • There should be images of the owners, other staff, your fleet and any images about other information related to the company.
  • All this can keep you busy for quite some time, and if the work is too much, get somebody else to handle it.
  • Call in the pros. Avoid the stress.

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