Watch For These Mistakes When Looking Into New York Web Design

Top 5 Mistakes Businesses Make During Website Design In NYC

Web design is an ever-changing field that is constantly improving and reinventing itself with new tricks and tools. However, there are some fundamental principles of web design and development that never change. Today, your website may be filled with a lot of cool stock photos and animations but what you may not know is that you may be secretly hurting your business because of making some of the mistakes that many businesses on the web are making. Simple mistakes in the design of your website can hurt your business’s online presence and revenue as well.

NYC SEO Authority | New York Web DesignUnresponsive Website

The first mistake that many websites on the internet are making is to create or design unresponsive websites. You may have heard of the term “unresponsive” before but do you really know what it refers to? Well, first and foremost, a responsive website is one that can be viewed and navigated easily from any device be it a desktop computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Currently, people are accessing the web from an array of devices. This means that you cannot afford to have your website being unresponsive on certain devices.

Using Free Website Builders

We all know of those free website builders like Wix and GoDaddy Squarespace that offer an easy, affordable and convenient way of creating a website. These do-it-yourself website builders are actually not so bad, however, the truth of the matter is that they are poorly optimized for search engines.

Most freely built websites are normally bloated with excess features and tons of unnecessary code, hence the need for a New York web design company. This bloatware causes slower page loading speeds as well as inconsistencies across devices.

Not Capturing Customer Information

The other common mistake that businesses fall to is failing to capture customer information. You may have a good looking website, some awesome photography, and animations, quality and unique content and lots of page views as well … but, do you have a mechanism to capture customer information?

To get information or feedback from customers, you need to have a Call To Action (CTA) and a subsequent form submission that customers can use to get in touch with your business in case they have any questions or comments. In the CTA, you must make sure to offer something of value that will entice customers to leave their information in the provided form submission fields. Failure to provide this key feature can lead to loss of many potential customers.

Having Poorly Optimized Pages and/or Broken Links

Google and other search engines have a list of criteria that they use to evaluate a website in order to determine its ranking. Let’s face it, no one knows the exact criteria that Google uses to rank websites. However, there are some simple requirements that Google is bound to consider when evaluating your website for ranking purposes. Some of these simple requirements include on-page optimization and lack of broken links.

Broken links are all major red flags for search engines like Google. Also, on-page optimization is very crucial as it ensures that everything on your website from code to images and content is in order.

Failure To Publish Fresh Content

It’s 2017 and most people are spending hours on hours every day surfing the web in search of new and fresh content that they have not encountered before. The search for content is real.

With that said, it is important that a business strives to continuously and regularly add fresh and new content to their website. Failure to do so leads to the slow death of your website.

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