How To Generate More Business As An Electrician

Online Lead Generation Strategies For Electricians

It’s true that referrals will always serve as a valuable traffic source for electricians – but nothing beats a solid lead generation strategy when it comes to ensuring a constant flow of qualified business.

For an electrician, the greater their credibility and visibility, the more profit they’re going to get. Lead generation is a wonderful way of getting yourself in front of the right prospects.

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NYC SEO Authority | New York Lead Generation AgencyWhy Is Lead Generation So Important For An Electrician?

With the advent of internet marketing, electricians are able to reach a lot more people than it used to be possible with traditional marketing. If you fail to develop a strong strategy for lead generation, you’re likely wasting money and time, attracting leads that aren’t interested in your service, or not really attracting many leads at all.

With a good lead generation strategy, your business will consistently bring in the best prospects. At each step your strategy will narrow down the pool of potential leads, leaving you with the most qualified ones exclusively.

How Can An Electrician Generate More Leads?

Now that you understand why lead generation is so important, let’s see what strategies you can use in order to get a constant flow of traffic and generate more business.

Content Marketing

Content is an umbrella term which refers to anything you publish on your website – from a video or online guide, all the way to an infographic or blog post.

As a professional electrician, you should harness your industry knowledge and create helpful articles and blog posts, crafted carefully to answer common questions from homeowners.

The reasoning behind doing so is simple: If an individual looks online for electrical information and finds a great post on your company’s blog, it’s likely that they’ll remember you when they’re looking for professional help.

Should they ever need to contact an electrical for their home improvement needs, you’ll be right at the top of their list!

A good strategy is to “hide” the most valuable content in the website, requiring visitors to enter their e-mail address in order to access. This way, you’ll be able to provide informative content to people who are interested in the services you offer, and grow your e-mail list in the process!

E-mail Marketing

After gathering some e-mail addresses, it’s important that you put them to use.

E-mail marketing is a great way to connect with prospects – you’ll be able to do so right in their inbox. A nice way to start contact is sending users a welcome e-mail when they download something from your website.

After that, you could follow up by sending them content tailored to their interest, based on what they’ve downloaded. For example, if they downloaded a guide on how to choose the right electrician for a job, it’s a good idea to send them more helpful materials which will help them find out more about your approach and services.

Additionally, it’s usually effective to send out promotional offers. Make sure they encourage readers to take action and have a sense of urgency to them. For instance, you could offer your e-mail subscribers a free consultation for a limited time. Another good idea is creating a referral program which rewards customers for referring family and friends.

Local SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a process which optimizes websites to rank high in search engine results for certain keywords or phrases.

Whenever people go to a search engine looking for electricians in your area, it’s always great to be among the top results – and SEO will help you get there. When you use Local SEO strategies, your business will consistently attract search traffic.

A good way to begin is claiming your ‘Google My Business’ listing. It’s free and ensures that your phone number, directions and business hours display on Google Maps and Search. You can even respond to reviews or add photos of your business!

Additionally, a great thing to do is establish a relationship with influencers in your niche (perhaps a few relevant bloggers) and have them link to your website and share your content. This will help you send qualified local traffic to the website, where they’ll be able to find out more information about the services you provide.

PPC (Pay-per-click) Advertising

In pay-per-click advertising, you’ll bid to place ads in a great position among search results for certain keywords or phrases. If your bid is among the highest, the ad will display right above organic results.

A good thing about PPC is that it starts right away – unlike SEO, which might take months to show results. PPC campaigns begin driving qualified traffic to your site as soon as they go live.

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