NYC Digital Advertising Agency: How To Make Video Live Streaming A Part Of Your Content Marketing Strategy

NYC Digital Marketing Expert: 5 Steps To Incorporating Livestreaming Into Your Content Strategy

1. Should you live stream for digital marketing purposes?

Before you start experimenting with live streaming, you need to first seriously think about how it can fit into your content and video goals. When live streaming is considered within a broader context that can help you make a determination on whether or not it is the best fit for your business. If you choose to try it out, then you will need to be very intentional about the kind of content that you’ll be creating and the best way it should be distributed to your target audience. Video live streaming is a great way to get the message out and bring in growth.

2. Promoting your live event with digital marketing video live streaming

In order to have an audience for your live event, you will need to promote your offer. Start with social updates and emails around two weeks ahead of time. You may also want to contact a digital marketing NYC agency to help with the promotion. Announce the time, date, and topic of your event. To really intrigue your audience, you can stagger your details so that followers will need to keep returning to receive more information. Then remind your audience a week prior to the event about the topic as well as when it will be taking place. The day prior to your event, send out a teaser trailer on the channels that your audience frequently visits. You can get some excitement to generate and continue your momentum a couple of hours prior to the live event taking place.

3. Lights, camera, action!

Live streaming events, like any type of show that is worth watching, should have solid production values incorporated into it. Consider your backdrop, sound, and lighting. Be sure the event’s star is well-informed about what the desired outcome it. She or he should speak authentically and clearly.

4. Follow up with viewers

After the event, keep the good energy going. Write a blog post that recaps your event and summarizes the highlights. Or you can post questions from your audience along with your answers. Make sure to share your blog posts on social media channels in order to increase reach. That will not only advance the conversation with those who attended your event but provide a good entry point for people who were not able to participate. If you have strong follow-up it could motivate more passive followers to show up live the next time that you have a live event. a GREAT digital marketing NYC will bring your business better overall performance in all areas.

5. Repurpose your broadcast.

You can go beyond blogs posts and repurpose the live stream and go on and create podcasts, white papers, SlideShare presentations, and infographics. When your live stream is translated into different forms it enables you to interact with various audience members who have different preferences in how they consume content in different ways. It also gives you the chance to share information to use different mediums when live streaming is not available. As long as you plan and promote it, live streaming can be a truly powerful tool to use in your content marketing.

6. Digital marketing NYC expert

Lastly but most certainly not least. It is important to remember that NYC SEO Authority offers a variety of digital marketing services that are put in place specifically for your company to bring in more leads and improve your overall ROI and conversion rate. If you are interested in speaking with a professional that will guarantee better performance contact us today. Call or contact NYC SEO Authority today for more info about getting started!

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