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When a company or website wants to stay up-to-date with SEO then they will need to watch Google closely to understand what it’s planning. Recently a conversation between Leslie D’Monte of Live Mint and John Giannandrea, who is a top ranking member of Google’s search team, discussed how the company will be implementing artificial intelligence in their search. This interview was highly informative and it has allowed us to gain significant insights into what is on the horizon for SEO.

Google has gone from processing 10,000 searches a day in its early beginnings to processing over 40,000 searches per second today. When the top search engine began almost two decades ago there were only about two million websites online compared to now which has close to a billion sites online. Equally surprising is the fact that an estimated 40% of the people in the world are connected to the internet which is around 3 billion people. The majority of those use Google daily.

These changes have led to the necessity for Google to move beyond simply using engineers to keep their search algorithms up-to-date. For this reason, they have decided to start implementing the combination of machine learning together with artificial intelligence. Mr. Giannandrea was CEO of Metaweb when Google acquired that company and he then became the head of their computer science department heading up machine intelligence and research.

This effort is already realizing results in areas such as AI that include image and voice recognition as well as in translating natural language and the company is examining exactly how AI can assist in improving how the company ranks websites. It is believed by Google and its management team that the machine learning that is made possible because of AI will greatly improve the overall customer experience. The machine being able to learn will help improve natural language processing as well as speech recognition so that it actually understands what you’re saying. It will improve Gmail’s ability the block almost all spam including some that have never been seen before.

Changes in Google’s algorithm such as the Penguin and Panda updates eliminated a lot of Internet spam and now they’re looking to expand that into Gmail. But because Google understands that there are those that are always trying to beat the system they are highly reluctant to fully reveal how Google will implement machine learning and how much it will be combined with human programming.

One of the areas of focus by Google is the increased importance put on knowledge craft which is one of the specific reasons that the company purchased Metaweb. There is no doubt that there are two areas in which this search engine will place its focus and those include the quality of instant results which is derived from the knowledge graph and increased speed of the machine learning algorithms as it will help in wiping out web spam and allow the search engine to rank the very best site at the top.

Rankbrain and hummingbird are some examples of the progress in algorithms that the search engine has made most recently. These changes have led to a significant leap that has allowed the search engine to become considerably smarter and moved it past the days of just relying on keywords to serve results. The company is saying that in just the last year alone there were significant changes in overall SEO techniques that have previously helped companies to rank on the top of the search result pages for important keywords and those techniques are no longer working today.

Rankbrain Has Brought Considerable Change To Google

NYC SEO Authority | NYC SEO AgencyThis technology has had a significant impact on Google’s ability to understand complex and long questions better than they ever could before. The knowledge graph technology allows the company to be directly tied to things, places, and people. There are still a lot of gray areas in the SEO world and to date, most really don’t fully understand what Google Rankbrain is. For this reason, those who practice SEO techniques have the challenge of finding techniques that work with this newest technology. Google doesn’t like those who practice SEO because it wants total control of how it serves search results. It doesn’t want businesses to rely on SEO professionals for ranking.

Allo is the most recent update and does not directly link to search. But the information that will be gathered using that update will be used to improve the results of AI in Google. As the company is able to further develop these technologies they say they will use the experience they gain for building and improving search. It is their intention that this technology is then used to move beyond just search and into customers daily lives.

Google believes that the future of search will greatly include machine learning technology and AI and the use of the information these technologies gather to improve their systems. SEO techniques will only continue to become more complex but the use of best practices are still the best way to get quality search results and to improve website performance.

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