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Google Makes Sweeping Changes In Search And Paid Ad Security

In just the last few days, Google has announced that it will be encrypting all searches including paid ads. Since the inception of AdWords, Google has provided a way for advertisers to search for keyword data through their tool and through third-party tools that access the Google data through their API. With these sweeping changes that have recently been made, those searches will be blocked.

How Do These Changes Affect Site Owners?

Once it takes effect, site owners will find it more difficult to get keyword data. They won’t be able to track what searches that visitors are using to find their site and they won’t be able to know what searches they need to focus on driving traffic to their site. Google will redirect the searcher in a way that they’ll land on the intended destination but without the site owner being able to track it.

NYC SEO Authority | New York City PPCWhat Was The Reason That Led To This Change?

According to the director of Adwords, the main reason that prompted this change was security. Google has used SSL encryption since 2011 and has continued to add security to the Chrome browser and Omnibox. They are now looking to secure clicks from ads that come from SSL searches. Google still plans to give adequate information to advertisers so that they can plan out their ad campaigns. From within AdWords or the webmaster tools, a lot of this information will still be available.

As well as for the purpose of security, this change is also meant to help understand the difference between organic and ad clicks. Last year, Google already encrypted organic searches but this led to complaints that there was preference given to advertisers. Changing all the search information to be encrypted puts an end to the complaints. Site owners in New York who don’t know how to deal with these changes should seek for a quality New York SEO company to help them.

How Will Users Be Affected?

The biggest thing for advertisers is the fact that they will simply have to look inside their AdWords account and their Google webmaster tools to gain access to the information that they might have been able to previously find elsewhere. Those who are already using those tools rather than third-party tools will not see a big change.

Once this effect takes place, the referral keyword string will be secured and will not show up in website logs. But this information will still be within the Adwords dashboard where advertisers can access it. Any website owner in New York who wants to make the best use of these changes can consult a New York SEO company.

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