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Seven Key Components to Mobile Marketing

Our mobile devices, whether we like it or not, are becoming a much bigger part of our day to day lives. There have even been studies which predicted that by 2018 there will be close to a billion people using smartphones on our planet.

This should be seen by marketers as a great opportunity to come up with one of a kind, personalized and real-time ways to engage and connect with customers.

However, exactly what are the things about mobile marketing that you must know?

In this article, we will discuss the key things to keep in mind for 2017.

1. Mobile Means More than Just Phones

Mobile marketing is not just about reaching people via their smartphones, it entails a myriad of different technologies and devices which should be taken into consideration. You must consider the size of the device, its operating system as well as the kinds of activities which people actually do on various tablets or phones. For example, a recent Forrester study found that while in a store, 66% of smartphone users use their devices, compared to tablet users which were a mere 9%.

2. Basic Marketing Principles Are Still Applicable

Regardless of whether you are advertising via print, radio or mobile, the time-held-truths of marketing are still applicable. When all’s said and done, it is really about conveying the right message to the right customers at just the right time, just another fasset of content management. Operate under the belief that the first way in which customers will experience your brand is via mobile marketing, use tools such as Google Analytics to find out as much as you can about their device, location, and behavior.

3. In Mobile Marketing, Change Is a Constant

Although having a plan is a great thing, when it comes to mobile marketing, one of the must-knows is that a rate of change in the industry could be reflected by your marketing plan. New apps, devices, and operating systems will always come and go, all of them will impact your marketing efforts in one way or another. By building periodic reviews into your mobile marketing plan, you will be able to assess the changes which are taking places and make any needed adjustments.

NYC SEO Authority | Mobile Marketing New York4. Focus on Responsive Design

A website that is responsive is one which always has optimized web content for viewing on all kinds of devices. Other than guaranteeing a user experience that is positive, regardless of the device being used by visitors, another reason that responsive design is of such importance is because of the latest algorithm change by Google which ranks pages according to their mobile-friendliness. Those who have not made an effort to optimize will suffer a penalization with a search ranking that is lower.

5. Never Rush into App Development

Oftentimes, developing your own app can be costly and time-consuming, and depending upon your business, it may not even be necessary. If you are able to achieve the functionality you want for your website, then why invest the time and effort in the development of an app? The key in order for this to work is to understand what is most required by visitors from your business, for example, location, hours, promotions, phone number, etc. and provide them with that on your recent optimized and now responsive website.

6. Video is Trending

Social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook have seamlessly integrated into their video content, simple ways in which video content can be watched. Although still in its infancy, using videos for advertising is one of the fastest growing areas. Recently, a Google study suggests that people that use their phones to watch videos are 1.4 times more likely to view the ads when compared to those who watch videos on televisions and desktop computers. Those who view on Smartphones are also 1.8 times more likely to share these videos than those viewing on personal computers.

7. Listen to Your Customers

Although you may eagerly want to get the word out to your subscribers via mobile, remember that mobile is a form of communication that is very personal. Negative results will most probably come about with the use of a “batch and blast” approach, this is why it is crucial that you listen to your customers and always read their “digital body language so that you are able to communicate the proper message at the best time. Recently a PWC study found that the majority of users indicated that they approve of an approach that is more conversational to mobile advertising, as opposed to one that is impersonal.

By bearing in mind these must-know mobile marketing trends and staying up to date with SEO marketing as you formulate your mobile strategy, it will be a lot easier to attract more customers as well as engage them in the long-term. Mobile marketing is something that is always evolving, and by staying in the loop about new technologies and techniques, you will be able to leverage mobile successfully as a key component of building your brand.


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