NYC SEO: Is HTTPS Important For Website Search Engine Optimization?

NYC SEO Expert: Website Search Engine Optimization And HTTPS

Beginning in 2018, some of the web browsers like Firefox and Google Chrome started to mark HTTP websites as being “not secure,” which in the end can result in lower rankings and visitor rates. Therefore, it is very important to ensure that your company website includes an SSL certificate for “HTTPS” protocol this is a small yet very big website SEO tactic that search engines give preference to. Currently, 50% or more of Google’s page one search results are HTTPS protocol. It is projected that the percentage will continue increasing throughout the remainder of the year and into the future. Since Google has started to favor websites already that have switched over to HTTPS compared to the ones with HTTP still, that needs to be a major priority for any company’s marketing department that has a presence online. NYC SEO experts definitely suggest taking into consideration whether or not your website has an http or https, and making the upgrade as soon as possible.

Why Should My Business Website Be Converted To HTTPS?

In 2017, a keyword tracking set showed that 30% of Google page one search results were “secure,” or HTTPS. Nine months later, this number increased by 20% and is expected to continue to go up as an increasing number of marketing directors get their business websites converted for visitor security purposes. An NYC SEO expert checked with a platform to make sure that the numbers he had were accurate; a credible ranking platform showed 50% HTTPS or secure Google page one search results as well. The fact of the matter is, having a “not secure” warning on a customer or consumer’s screen when they are attempting to visit your shop, website, or review your services, could drive them away and result in them never returning. As a marketing professional your job is to make sure that never happens by whatever possible means, including getting your business website converted over to HTTPS. Website SEO is of great importance and as a business owner, it is crucial that one takes the time to make sure they are following protocol to ensure better rankings.

Will The Conversion Rates For HTTPS Continue To Go Up?

An NYC SEO said that with a steady amount of websites converted to https, it could result in a 75% Google page one search conversion rate by the year 2023. When that rate hits you don’t want your business to be part of the minority. Since the middle of 2017 conversion rates have increased by 20%. However, Google webmaster trends analyst doesn’t think that Google will be boosting its HTTPS website rankings using new algorithms. However, you never really know. It is better to be safe rather than sorry. Although Firefox and Google Chrome are not penalizing HTTP sites or rewarding HTTPS sites yet, they have started to warn visitor about non-secure pages where sensitive data is collected. It is good for consumers, but for non-converted HTTP businesses, it is not great.

How Can I Get My Website Converted To HTTPS?

All you need to do to get your website converted to HTTPS is buy and install an HTTPS SSL certificate. However, the installation may be tricky at times. You must be knowledgeable about server configuration and encryption. So you might need to have IT experts do it for you. To see how it is done, check out the guide from Vladislav Denishev on how to convert HTTP into HTTPS.

HTTPS SSL Certificate for a New Site & Do I Need Website SEO?

If you have a new website, jump on that right now – you may need to do it down the road anyhow, and if you convert it right now that will save you money and time in the future. It is still cheap to install the SSL certificates and in many cases even free. So make sure you pitch conversion as a precautionary measure to your boss. If you currently own a business or have a business in New York and you have an online presence, then I suggest you most definitely invest in website SEO services from an NYC SEO expert. This organic way of boosting your website to the top can come in handy in a variety of ways. It is a newer and fresher way of marketing your business since the internet is the biggest platform today. Online review management is very important.

HTTPS SSL Certificate for an Existing Website

If the marketing department at your company is thinking about converting an existing website from HTTP to HTTPS, be very careful! Site-wide changes might cause site-wide or unforeseeable problems, and that is something that you will want to avoid. However, it should be easy to switch it out from the control panel, as long as your hosting providers offer both HTTP and HTTPS certificates. If they don’t you might want to speak with IT once the conversion has been approved by your company. Converting to HTTPS should provide your business with more website traffic and improve your rankings, so for any marketing department, it is definitely a win-win.

Should I Hire An NYC SEO Consultant?

If you are looking for marketing services for your business, then the answer is yes. If you could facilitate for more leads and higher conversion then the answer is yes, If you are ready to see your overall return on investment improve significantly, then the answer is yes! You should check your options and do what is best for the business. For more information on our NYC SEO services, please contact us today by calling us at (347) 352-4046. Visit our blog for related content.

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