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Content And Links: It Absolutely Takes A Village

The Who and The Why

First of all, when considering a link campaign, there are a few things that need to be considered.

PR: They are typically good at talking about businesses, as well as teaching how to pitch an idea. What I have also discovered is that PR people are able to locate excellent opportunities that I would have otherwise missed because I am simply thinking about things in a different way. I am of a mindset which basically states “would I click here?” Whereas they are all about getting coverage. There’s potentially middle ground at some point.

SEO Agencies: When it comes to SEO agency NYC link building, you need to analyze link profiles, get the momentum going and SEOs are needed for doing many different things. They do redirects for pages, make sure there are no technical problems and can deal with duplicate content very easily. As an SEO expert and generalist, I do a little bit more technical set up before a link building campaign, and I can say this: there is a lot of effort and time that goes into the building of any links, and there’s not much time to do anything else during that time. I am really happy when I have excellent SEO for clients, especially if I have a team helping me out.

Outreach Specialists: there are people that are link builders, a not so controversy or phrase. A link is simply the beginning of the entire process. A person that specializes in outreach such as a PR person understands how to connect with people, pitch what they are selling, and build relationships that will help get links. Over the years, we have had many different outreach specialists, and it was obvious when there was one that was exceptional. You are not going to get any response at all unless you have one that is exceptional.

Content Creators: this is something that we may do for our clients, but it’s not a primary focus. No one is going to write well like someone that understands the topic. If the content did not take very much effort, it probably will not help get good links. It has to be amazing, and if it is, you can get links from many different people with websites.

Business Owners: you really do have to respect people that own a business because they are definitely concerned with the bottom line. I am actually a business owner, and I do appreciate how the choices that I make can affect another business. I want them to be aware of what I am doing, understand the process that I’m going through, and also feel comfortable when working with me. Business owners can really ask strange questions, but I do enjoy doing this and it also helps me realize that I might not be communicating in an effective way, or I might be presenting something that is not perceived as valuable. I do like it when they speak up to explain these things that can lead me to these conclusions.

Developers: I was also a former developer, and I have respect for programmers. Just to be quick, I must say that it is not a problem, or a bad thing, to know who the developer of your website is, and to always be on their good side, especially SEO agency NYC developers.

The How

NYC SEO Authority | Online Marketing Company in NYCHow can you do all of this in order to create an effective link campaign that will benefit your business?

If there is one thing that creates an unnatural backlink profile for local SEO New York is having a single person, and only that person, building links for a site. According to my knowledge, every one of my current clients is link building in a variety of ways, and my campaign is merely a part of their overall link development campaign. Of course, this does not mean that when a client is purchasing 1,000 PBN links per month it makes me happy, but it does please me know that other teams, inside as well as outside of the client´s company, are in fact thinking about link building.

Even among those on my own team, things are done quite differently being as everyone thinks very differently from everyone else. Usually we have a team leader for every client; however, that lead is rarely ever the only person who works on the account. Everyone has their strengths as well as their weaknesses, and that is something that for the clients, I want to capitalize on.

Even a team can be prejudiced and not able to see potential issues. I love it when clients are really in the know about link building and even sport something we have missed. A lot of my time is spent ensuring that my team is taking all of the guidelines in consideration when link building, and when things get really hectic, it is great having the client point out something we have not taken into consideration. Perhaps we have focused too much on one section of the site. Maybe a particular niche in our outreach is being over targeted. Just as at times it is hard to spot your own typos, sometimes seeing the mistakes that you are about to make can be difficult.

Run things past somebody else and discuss the points. What I always ask is “What is it you are thinking about doing?” with my team when I say “No” to something, it is only if I clearly believe it to be a bad fit. Many times if they fight back, I do see that they are right. At times they back down and I see that I was right. I believe that all of us are kept on our toes with this back-and-forth.

First, receive feedback from other teams…then after the links are built have them provide it. Over the past year, we have drastically changed the way we do things. Usually, our previous process involved an approach of “please just let us handle this.” Now we are constantly in touch with the cleanest about links. What is it they think about the site? What is their feeling about one page linking to the other?

There are times in which the clients are not interested in that level of involvement, so if they are not, we do appreciate the feedback we get. What links did they like? What links did they prefer us not building? Recently one client said, “This is the best link which you have ever built us. Could you make more like this? The link was more than a year old, yet WOW, it was pretty fantastic to have him say that and it provided useful direction for the future.

Never skimp out on analysis. Sometimes we do it, other times other teams do it; it depends on what the clients want. I do not care who it is who performs it, as long as what they are looking for is the full picture and that numbers are being run on the link profile.

Webmasters should be included. Their site something they know better than you do, they also know what their audience is looking for. If you have your mind set on a certain anchor text, and they do not believe it to be a fit for the content, ask what they would opt to use. When we have requested feedback from, webmaster, we have gotten some links that are pretty fantastic.

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