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In the past, Google found out that plumbers and locksmiths in the San Francisco area were abusing advertisements, home service ads to be more specific. This led Google to developing a verification process that will show whether a business is Google guaranteed or not guaranteed. This process will let companies standout and they will be looked at as being more credible, especially compared to businesses that aren’t verified.

The new verification process may very well be the main factor in a person’s decision to use a company or not to use them. If you go to Google and search for a plumber, and none of the names don’t sound familiar, then you’d probably call a plumber that has been verified by Google. This is what many people would probably do.

If you come across a company that is Google guaranteed, then you’ll be taken to the ad for the company. This is where you’ll learn more about the value of being guaranteed by Google. This will increase the credibility of the company even further.

Google guarantee is great for businesses because it attracts customers. It means they’ve been pre-screened, as well as insured. Not only that, but it means the company will refund the customer if they don’t do the job correctly.

If your company isn’t Google guaranteed, then you are handing off customers to your competitors. You’re also giving away potential revenue. The good news is getting Google guaranteed is easy.

Google will ask you a number of questions. You’ll also have to complete an application with a verification company. The process will also be applied to both locksmiths and plumbers using AdWords.

Why Should Locksmiths Become Google Guaranteed

In the past, locksmiths have gotten caught for doing online scams. A scam went something like this: A person calls a cheap locksmith that AdWords ads have suggested or one Google My Business suggested, and then the call would be redirected to a call center offshore. After that, a local locksmith would arrive, drill the lock open and then hand the customer a very large bill.

These scams have made many people think twice about using a locksmith. Google noticed that scams were on the rise, so they decided to introduce a process. This was to reduce the number of scams out there.

When a person looks for a locksmith via Google, they can choose to contact a locksmith they know can be trusted. If they are faced with a couple of choices, then they will likely choose the one that has a Google guarantee because it ensures they’ll get their money back in the job isn’t done right. All risk is eliminated and it gives consumers peace of mind.

How Does Google Guarantee Give Plumbers An Advantage

Many people don’t want to call a plumber. They are already stressed out about the issues they are dealing with, but they also have to worry about whether or not the plumber is insured and licensed. They also have to wonder whether or not they are being charged a fair price for the services.

The above concerns are virtually eliminated when a plumber is Google guaranteed. A person will notice the check-mark that indicates the plumber is guaranteed by Google. This means they will know the company is trustworthy and credible.

Just like locksmiths, a consumer will likely hire a professional that is verified. In other words, a business adds value to their company when they are Google guaranteed. Best of all, it adds value right away.

Other Benefits

Businesses may have a better chance of being at the top of the search results when they are Google guaranteed. This means the company will enjoy the utmost visibility. It allows you to reach your targeted market as soon as they use Google to search for your services.

Also, you can track bookings and reply to messages. Managing leads is another thing you can do, which means you have a lot of conveniences. This is important when you work in the home services industry, and you will gain an edge over your competition.

Another advantage is you will hear from potential customers that chose your profile over other profiles. This means you won’t be wasting resources or time. Your energy will be on generating qualified leads, instead of trying hard to convince those that aren’t qualified leads.

Do You Still Need SEO?

Yes, you do need SEO because Google guaranteed doesn’t mean you’re automatically going to rank very high in the search engine results pages. In fact, only three businesses that are Google guaranteed to show up in the results. The rest of the results show in a list, so this means you need to stand out from the other companies out there.

SEO is important if you want to improve your website’s rankings in the search engines results pages. This is why you should hire a New York internet marketing company. They can help you implement a solid SEO strategy.

Plus, you want to focus on developing and implementing an SEO strategy because it adds more value to your company, especially when you become Google guaranteed. SEO will help your site get to the top of the search results and being Google guaranteed will make your site look more credible. Best of all, more people will communicate with your business and this will increase your chances of getting customers.

Do You Need Help From The Best New York SEO Company?

By now you’re probably wondering how to go about making your company Google guaranteed and the good news is it is easy to do. Once you do it, you will enjoy all the benefits associated, and you will be on your way to improving your online reputation. Remember, reputation is everything in business, especially those in the home service industry.

A New York internet marketing company can help you become verified. They will provide you with the right guidance and help you with the steps involved. Before you know it, your business will be Google guaranteed and you will get more customers.

To get started, call or contact NYC SEO Authority today!

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