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How Mobile Marketing Should Be In The NYC

Seven Key Components to Mobile Marketing Our mobile devices, whether we like it or not, are becoming a much bigger part of our day to day lives. There have even been studies which predicted that by 2018 there will be close to a billion people using smartphones on our planet. This should be seen by [...]

How SEO Authority Views Social Media Marketing

Advanced Dos And Don'ts For Social Media Sharing Using social media outlets to link and share your content is an important part of your online marketing strategy, but it needs to be done right. You can start to get an idea of the useful way to do it based on the infographic presented above. Whatever [...]

Keeping Up With The Future Of SEO Marketing

How to Successfully Market In Today´s New Age Online marketing techniques in New York and all over the globe change just as rapidly as the technology enabling them to exist. In the future, the businesses that will experience the most amount of success will be those that comprehend the fluid nature of the word of [...]

Some SEO Tactics Are Far From The Truth

8 Online Marketing And Social Media Lies That You May Think Are True SEO and Social Media marketing are still fairly new types of outlets for online marketing. Therefore, many business owners still are learning how to use and explore these types of marketing methods to see if they will work effectively for their businesses. [...]

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A Short Guide to Increasing Online Traffic Through SEO

SEO and the Three Important Elements of Attracting the Right Visitors to Your Site Online sales have risen to account for 8% of all retail sales and if the experts can be believed, this figure is expected to rise progressively over the next few years. eMarketer has predicted that North America will"... see double-digit growth [...]

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How to Lower Your Site’s Bounce Rate

Does your website suffer from a high bounce rate? Studies show that most sites have a 30% to 5o% bounce rate. While there are always exceptions, a bounce rate greater than 50% usually indicates a poor user experience (UX), which can hurt your site's search rankings. Bounce Rate Explained Bounce rate is the percentage of [...]

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A Short Guide to Successful Website Optimization

Essential SEO Tips for Website Optimization Would you open any kind of a store in the middle of nowhere on a street that has been forgotten? The answer would be no! You would want to find an optimal location. Similarly, a website that has not been optimized is that shop in the middle of nowhere. [...]

What You Should Know When It Comes to Content Management

Essential Content Management And SEO Tips In order to have a successful SEO campaign, there are many different pieces that need to work together. They include your target audience, social media and blog posts, keyword research and website. However, ultimately it is all about your content. Do you have content that tells your story in [...]

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7 Quick Tips On How To Use Social Media

Tips For Using Social Media If you're a business or website owner based in New York, or elsewhere, then social media should be part of every search engine optimization strategy. Social media usage has grown in popularity and Google and other search engines don't ignore social media. This means that the popularity of your site [...]

The Importance of Local Ratings & Reviews

How To Get Local Ratings & Reviews If you are a prominent New York business owner, you should make it a point to get more reviews from your customers. The ratings or reviews help Google and other search engines determine the value of your business for their users. If you have a decent number of [...]

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